Welcome To Our New RV’ing & World Cruise Travel Blog

Welcome to all our family, friends and others who have found this compendium of our upcoming travels, which comprises RV’ing in North America and circumnavigation of the world by both cruise ship and commercial airliners.

Our travels in the near future include:

  • RV’ing around North America – 10,000 mile tour of Canada & USA in our 2013 Redwood 36FL, commencing July 18th 2014
  • Flights around the world stopping off in UK, India, son’s wedding in Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and USA, commencing March 2015
  • World Cruise from Sydney aboard Sea Princess, commencing May 22nd 2015.

We hope you will follow our blog and enjoy our travel updates. Please leave comments giving feedback to improve the theme design, etc as this is our first attempt at a blog.

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