Finally Viewpoint RV Park Is In Sight

Approach campgroundAfter a grueling few days getting everything prepared for the trip and getting up at 04:00, the Viewpoint RV Park sign about 6 miles out of Salmon Arm was a welcome sight for all.




It’s a small campground and it’s a bit tight for big rigs like ours, but the owners are brilliant, keeping the place spotlessly clean.

Challenge #1 is getting in around the large tree in front of the office. This required skimming the side of the office with the truck, so not to get scratches from tree branches down the side of the coach.

Challenge #2 is actually getting into the site. You have to drive way up past the site and then back the rear end away from the site. This requires a few forward and backs before we were lined up and could drive into the site, which is gravel and completely level. No sooner had we parked and the owners were out with the rakes levelling the gravel from the tire ruts.

Our Redwood in site # 1 at Viewpoint RV Campground & Cottages just West of Salmon ArmShortly after getting set up we spent a couple of hours putting more stuff away and re-organising cupboards. We then decided to go for a tour of Salmon Arm and check out a few of the sights. Unfortunately, it was so hazy we couldn’t really see anything or get any worthwhile photographs. So we gave up the tourist thing and decided to head for dinner.

Last time in Salmon Arm we tried the chippie at the entrance to town, which is supposedly the best in the world. All we can say is they obviously have a small world, as it was terrible. No chippie this time, so we decided to try the Home and compare it with the one in Maple Ridge. Good home cooking and definitely consistent with the one in Maple Ridge. Headed back to the coach for a quiet night.

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