Camping in Banff – Sequestered in Nature or Primitive

We have 2 full days in Banff and are staying at a Parks Canada Campground, of which we had three to choose from. We opted for Tunnel Mountain Trailer Court, which surprisingly for Parks Canada even offers services, although only 30 Amps. Judi with extensive camping experience calls it sequestered in nature, but Andy, the ultimate city slicker reckons it is primitive. Tell us what you think!

Sketch of campground. We were in Section B, 3rd row from bottom

The campground is a series of 8 parallel roads with RV sites off each side and the RV’s parallel to the road. All services are adjacent to the roads, so for those on the North side of the road, as we were, to get orientated for the services I had to go past the site, turn around and enter from the opposite direction. Sites are assigned based on RV length and most sites are pull-through, with a curve in the middle. Ours was a generous length.

Our site at Banff Campground

Our site at Banff Campground

Services include water, sewer and 30 Amps, which in this weather is no problem as it was never warm enough to require both A/C units. Just need to be careful we don’t run too many power hogs at once, which basically means we can use one of the following three appliances – A/C, heat pump or fireplace, plus other small appliances. The biggest problem is no connectivity – no Wi-Fi, no satellite reception and no cable. All I can say is thank goodness the World Cup is already over and UK football hasn’t started. Not aware of free Wi-Fi in Banff, so we head to Tim Hortons , in town, for a spot of tea and flash up the laptop.

Our coach and row at Banff

Our coach and row at Banff

Wildlife abounds, we have a family of squirrels running around the trees at our site and surprisingly Kona isn’t even bothered by them. When checking in the Ranger advised of a bear problem, so nothing left outside the RV and no early morning or late evening walks. When out walking Kona, this evening, on returning to our site we walked past a rather large Elk, who was grazing by the side of the road in somebody’s campsite. Totally not bothered by us walking on the other side of the road or the kids taking photographs. Unfortunately, I didn’t have a camera, so yet another lost Kodak moment.

Tunnel Mountain Trailer Courts satellite friendly sites

Tunnel Mountain Trailer Courts satellite friendly sites

In summary, if we had a hot spot, similar to our Millenicom one when in USA,  and had a satellite friendly site then the campground would be more than adequate.

This was the view from the edge of the campground



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