Wascana Park – Is It Similar to Stanley Park?

After visiting the RCMP Museum, we returned to the campground for lunch and walking the dogs. We arrived in clear, blue skies, but an hour later it had changed to, you guessed it – dull, grey and overcast. Not quite black clouds, but we could see them on the horizon.

How do the locals survive – brilliant sunshine heading to work and rain going home?

Map of Wascana Park

Map of Wascana Park

Our research on Wascana Park indicates it is very similar to Stanley Park in Vancouver, hence our preference to visit rain or shine. Therefore, the impending rain will not derail our plans, with the only concession being a drive through the park rather than the preferred walk. The similarities to Stanley Park are:

  • Size – it is huge, about 8 times the size of downtown Regina
  • Location – located immediately adjacent to the city centre
  • On arrival, we noted another similarity, as we observed large numbers of walkers, runners, cyclists, etc.


Saskatchewan Museum and Gardens

Saskatchewan Museum and Gardens

We parked in the NW corner of the park and, as it wasn’t raining, walked over to the Saskatchewan Museum. As it was already mid-afternoon we didn’t have the time to visit the museum, so just checked out the building and surrounding well-maintained gardens. An impressive start to our park visit.

On return to the truck we started the park drive, with the initial stop being at the first parking lot, which just happened to be adjacent to the lake. No rain yet, so we decided to brave a walk along the paths adjacent to the lake, stopping at various lookouts. The park is the ultimate sea of tranquility in the middle of the busy city, with lake, numerous footpaths, lawns and many trees. We got about ½ mile from the truck and felt the first rain drop. Time for an about turn and high tail it back to the truck, where we arrived slightly damp, but not soaked to the skin.

The constant rain ended our walking tour so we resigned ourselves to seeing the remainder of the park from within the truck. Underway again and meandering along about the posted speed limit of 24 mph (40 km/hr) we obviously raised the ire of some locals, who treat the park as a speedway to bypass the busy local streets. I believe we were being called darn tourists, or at least that is the polite version.

Pelicans ? in Regina

Pelicans ? in Regina

Next point of interest we saw is the marina/rowing club, so we turned off the road and into their parking lot. At the end, down by the water, we observed a young lady, who had fallen off her bike. So of course, Judi the ultimate Emergency RN, had to go and assist. While Judi assisted, Andy took advantage to take a brief walk along the lake.

Torch and waterfall representing the Indigenous People's Games currently underway in Regina

Torch and waterfall representing the Indigenous People’s Games currently underway in Regina

Reaching the end of the park, we crossed over the end of the lake and drove up the other side. We stopped briefly at the Saskatchewan Legislator for Andy to snap a couple of quick photographs of the building and adjacent gardens.

Saskatchewan Legislator Building

Saskatchewan Legislator Building

Statue of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II across the road from the Legislator Building

Statue of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II across the road from the Legislator Building


Once we successfully circumnavigated the park it was time to head for shopping and top off with diesel, before returning to the coach for dinner.

A thoroughly enjoyable day in Regina and we both agree we will return for a longer visit, but only in the 2 or 3 months of summer. The other 9 months are much too cold for Andy.

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