Break Out The Jackets We’re Heading North

With the Rally and service centre visits complete it is time to head North and return to Canada for the remainder of August and September. This is the beginning of phase II, of our journey, which will include Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Maine.

It is 450 miles to our planned destination in Toronto, but we will stop in Port Huron and arrive a day late.

Tuesday 12th August 2014

Topeka, Indiana to Port Huron, Michigan

Temps – struggled to reach 23C

Weather – grey, overcast and hazy

Wind – light airs

Clox – no change (Z-4)

Distance Today – 250 miles

Total Distance – 2,830 miles


Another fairly easy day for the Ace Navigator, as when we returned to Indiana 20, it was East to connect with I-69, then take it all the way to Port Huron. The campground is about 2 miles from the exit.

Departure Shipshewana

They wanted us at the Service Centre by 07:00, so the day started about 05:30 getting packed, slides in and hooked up. We pulled out of the campground about 06:20, but it was still dark so the hook up etc was aided by a torch.

Detailed Voyage to Port Huron

We had an easy drive down to the Service Centre, arriving about 06:45, and the fibreglass chap was already on site. No need to unhook, we just stopped in the parking lot and he started work immediately. Half hour later he was complete, we signed the work order and we were off.

Now what to do about breakfast, as we had planned to drop the rig and get breakfast while they completed the repair. We decided to go to the same place as yesterday, they have a large parking lot and are frequented by semis. Worked really well, so after a great brekky, it is back on Indiana Hwy 20 heading East. Went for about 20 miles and then turned North on I-69. This is undoubtedly the worst road we have ever been on – in parts it is dreadful. We were down to below 40 mph to minimise the chucking of the trailer and that is with a Trailair hitch and Airlift 5000 on the truck. Without the air bags on the truck it would have been carnage on the inside upon arrival. Note to self – never use this road again. It is so bad we almost got tossed out of our seats, thank goodness for seat belts.

 When we departed the motorway and heading to the campground we passed fellow Canadian Redwood owners Ian & Jan, who also attended the Rally. They left on the Monday and stayed the night at Port Huron.

The KOA at Port Huron has lots of amenities, but some of the roads and sites are not overly big rig friendly. Should be interesting leaving this site tomorrow. 



2 thoughts on “Break Out The Jackets We’re Heading North

    • Andy – we were expecting summer, but had to turn on the steam heating in the truck this afternoon. Vancouver winters are warmer than this.

      Heather left a message it’s a balmy 38.5C or 100F in Maple Ridge.



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