It’s Time For Maintenance

Grease GunYet another crummy day in Ontario and having racked up 3,000 miles in the past 3 weeks, I decided it is time for a maintenance day. We started with a trip into Bradford for groceries and I also needed another tube of grease.

Today is the Dairy Queen Children’s Miracle Network day, so we had to find a DQ to get Blizzards for us and ice cream for the dogs. No DQ in Bradford, so it required another 9 miles South to Newmarket, which the GPS figured would take 20 mins.

Obviously the GPS doesn’t know about local traffic, which was almost as bad as the 401 motorway yesterday. On the return journey, the GPS wanted to take us home by the same route through all the traffic, so I headed West to pick up the # 400 motorway. As soon as we entered the motorway the GPS alarmed with, “No legal route to destination.” OMG, I thought I knew how to get back to the campground, then all of a sudden we knew the problem – really, really low bridges. We passed under a bridge with only 13′ 09″ clearance and as the trailer is 13′ 04″ we have the GPS set for 14′. Fortunately we didn’t come this route yesterday, as with only 5″ clearance I would have been sweating. Anyway we finally got back to the campground without further issues.

Passed all the groceries into Judi to put away, then I got started with my maintenance day. On the agenda today:

  • Trailair pin box
  • Reese Elite 25K hitch
  • Outside stairs x 2
  • Door locks x 4
  • Suspension
  • Slideout gaskets

Wanted to get the messy jobs out of the way first, so dug out the grease gun and started with the easy one first – the Trailair pin box. It has 3 grease nipples on each side and another 3 underneath, for a total of 9. Periodic greasing certainly helps with the chucking movement when crossing bridge expansion joints, etc. Next up it is the Reese hitch, which requires disassembly. This is the messy one as it only has 1 grease nipple, but has an additional 8 points to lubricate, so after a squirt of grease you spread it with a finger and then work it into place. Once re-assembled it has a grease nipple on the top, so that got a couple shot of grease before working all mechanisms. The final greasing job is the suspension and Equaflex. Most of them took grease without problem, but about 3 of them wouldn’t accept much/if any grease. Will have Fraserway check it out, as there is no way I am playing with the running gear.

Next up was the stairs and locks. This is an easy one, just spray the hinges and fold/unfolds the stairs a few times. It makes the stairs much easier to open close, which keeps Judi happy. Happy wife, happy life.

The final job is the slideout gaskets. The last time I used talc powder, as recommended on the forum, but wasn’t happy with the results. On further research I noted the service centre recommends furniture polish, so I tried it. Really did clean them and noted they were much softer on completion. Almost look like new again.

By the time the tools were stowed and I got cleaned up, Judi had made a spot of tea. A perfect way to end my maintenance day.

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