RV Production Line – Sneak Peek

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The Rally highlight for most attendees is probably the factory tour on the Saturday morning. Being the weekend, no production is taking place, which permits us a detailed look at the production line, without getting in the way. If you want to view the production process, tours are available upon request.

The factory is about 30 miles from the campground, so it was an early start to the morning, getting dogs fed and walked, and the mandatory cups of tea for the journey. Breakfast was provided at the factory, but as we correctly figured no tea was available, so we brought our own. Left the campground around 08:30 and had a leisurely drive South through the Indiana farming community to Hwy 13 in Syracuse, Indiana. Ace Navigator did an excellent job locating the factory, but Jackie Stewart at the wheel went screaming past the entrance and had to turn around.

Daily activity started with breakfast and a quick pep talk from Jim (GM), then we were split into 4 groups for a tour led by a Redwood representative. The factory currently produces Redwoods and two Crossroads products – top of the line Rushmore and their Elevation Toy Hauler. This is currently changing as the final Rushmores are currently on the line and Redwood is introducing 2 new products – entry level Cypress and mid level Sequoia. Current production levels are 7 per day.

Bay # 1 – Axle & Wheel Installation

Bay # 1 axles, suspension and disk brakes

The frame enters the factory inverted and in Bay # 1 they install the running gear. This is the Lippert system with a new yellow Equaflex and disk brakes. At the Q & A the previous day, as owners, we requested options for an upgraded suspension, either the Lippert air bag or MOR/Ryde IS.

Bay # 1 Frame upside down for axle installation and belly pan

Bay # 2 – Tanks, Wiring & Hydraulics

Bay # 2 FW tank installed and valves waiting installation

Fresh water tank (white) installed, which is immediately behind the pin. At 109 gallons, if full it adds about 800 lbs to the pin weight. Valves are sitting on top ready for installation. All tanks, once installed, are filled and leak tested.

Rear edge of FW tank, then the Black Tank (60 gal) followed by 2 Grey Tanks (45 gal each)

Rear edge of FW tank, then the Black Tank (60 gal) followed by 2 Grey Tanks (45 gal each)

The electrical wires and hydraulic lines are also run at this bay.

Bay # 3 – Flooring

Bay # 3 entire floor is pre constructed awaiting arrival of the frame

The floors are manufactured in advance of the frame arriving in Bay # 3, using actual plywood, not OSB or sawdust board. Even the flooring material is already installed.

Bay # 3 - Redwood frame with floor compelted

Floor installed in Bay # 3.

Bay # 4 – Upper Deck Framing

Bay # 4 Aluminium framing above the basement being installedAluminium framing being installed for the upper deck floor and basement in a front bedroom unit.

Bay # 6 – Plumbing

Bay # 6 38FL kitchen and bathroom

Bathroom and plumbing being installed in a 38 FL (front living) model.

Bay # 7 – Sidewalls and Roof

Bay # 8 sidewalls and roof being installed

Similar to the flooring the sidewalls and roof are pre-manufactured and then installed at this and the next bay.

Bay # 9 – Fitting Out

Bay # 9 fitting out the inside on possibly a Rushmore

Possibly a Rushmore model just after installation of the sidewalls and roof, with electrical cables being run down the rear.

Bay # 10 – Fitting Out & Exterior Doors

Bay # 10 a Sequoia getting door installed and inside finishing

This is Redwood’s new mid-point coach the Sequoia getting exterior doors installed and fitted out on the inside.

Bay # 11 – Front Cap Install

Bay # 11 front cap installed on a Sequoia

Another Sequoia with the front cap installed.

Bay # 12 – Slide-Outs

Bay # 12 - slideouts pre-built and ready for installation

Slide-outs are almost completely pre-manufactured and sit awaiting their frame to arrive for installation.

Bay # 13 – Windows

bay # 13 windows being installed on possibly at Sequoia or Cypress

Windows being installed

Bay # 14 – Inside Fitting

Bay # 14 39MB kitchen and entertainment centre

A 39 MB with the kitchen and living room entertainment centre being finished.

Bay # 14 39MB bedroom

A 39 MB bedroom being finished

Bay # 15 – New Redwood For Hershey Show

Bay # 15 New RE with post Hershey counters and bulkhead covering

This is the new 2015.5 model that will be introduced at the Hershey Show in September. New counters with lighting around the edge and base, new bulkhead covering, tablet controls for lights, etc

Fitting Out Bays

New Redwood in the fitting out bay after returning from paint

Once they return from paint they go to the fitting out bay for PDI inspection and installation of furniture and any outstanding appliance or fixtures.

Residential Fridge

New fridge with water and ice through the door in a 36FB

New residential fridge with water and ice through the door – nice.


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