Ottawa and Quebec City – Cancelled

If you follow Judi on Facebook you will be well aware of the water issues we experienced this past week. Shortly after leaving the service centre we had a problem with the kitchen supply and drain pipes, as when the slides went out the pipes got jammed into a tangled mess, resulting in no water at the kitchen sink.  Our dealer in Abbotsford conveniently owns a dealership about 4 miles from our current location, and while they aren’t a Redwood dealer, Redwood approved they could work on the issue.

Although extremely busy, as is the norm for all RV service stations, they agreed to fit us in, with the General Manager actually working on our coach for about 4 hours. Access to the pipes is well nigh impossible, but he did manage to get them unkinked and back where they belong. Downside is the drain is disconnected from the sink, so no dishwasher or use of the kitchen sink. Judi and I evaluated the issue and decided that doing dishes in basins was OK, so we decided to carry on for the remainder of the journey.

However, the next day we used the shower and the kitchen became almost a swimming pool – new RV feature, indoor pool. The drain from the shower leads forward and drains into the kitchen grey tank. The leak is one of 2 possibilities – the shower is tied into the kitchen system and is pouring out the disconnected sink drain, or we damaged the drain pipe while relocating the pipes. I hope for the former.

This new issue required a re-evaluation of our plans. With only a tiny basin in the bathroom, no shower or kitchen sink, we decided the current situation resembles tenting in a 41′ RV, or “Glamping” has rapidly degenerated to “Camping”, a situation neither of us finds appealing for the next 3 months. So decision is made – we need to get this fixed.

First stop is the Redwood/Crossroads Service Centre back in Indiana. I am well aware they are booking appointments out 2 to 3 months, but can deal with emergency repairs, with manager approval. Calling the customer service line, I received the expected response – sorry, fully booked next week, but send us an email and we will have the manager review. Next call was to Hitch N Go, a Redwood dealer about 100 miles from our current location. Wow, really great people, as expected they are also really busy, but he can fit us in Wednesday morning, first thing. They have a serviced site so they said come down on Tuesday to set up and they will start first thing in the morning. Phew – that’s certainly a relief.

Next issue is where to stay for the next 4 nights. Walked up to the office to check availability and the young chap had a site for Friday, but nothing on Saturday. Asked him the length of site available on the Friday and he responded about 35′, well that definitely wouldn’t work. Started looking for campgrounds around the dealership in Delhi, but couldn’t find anything decent for our length, then thought of Niagara Falls. They have lots of campgrounds, so we have booked a site for the next 4 nights, so we can play tourist at the Falls. Coincidently, it was a subject we discussed while driving up from Indiana.

In order to tie into the post title, since we will be spending an additional 4 to 6 days in Southern Ontario we have cancelled our stops in Ottawa and Quebec City and hope to pick the schedule up in New Brunswick.

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