Boondocking at a RV Dealer

Boondocking at RV Dealer

Boondocking at RV Dealer

Unable to use the shower, kitchen sink or dishwasher it is time to head for repairs. The factory service centre didn’t have any available appointments, but fortunately Hitch n Go RV Inc in Delhi, Ontario could help us on Wednesday. Parked next to the service building, we are comfortably boondocking with 30 Amps and water hookups.

Tuesday 26th August 2014

Niagara Falls to Delhi, Ontario

Temps – increasing to 30C

Weather – clear blue sky, finally summer arrived in Ontario

Wind – fresh SW’ly, head winds

Cloxs – no change (Z-4)

Distance today – 85 miles

Total Distance – 3,284 miles


The motorway is the quickest option, but is more miles and goes through Hamilton, so we elected the scenic route through the southern Ontario countryside. We head West on Hwy # 20 then head over to Hwy # 3, which takes us to Delhi.

Departure Niagara Falls

Easy departure, as we went out the rear gate rather than driving through the park’s dreadful interior roads.

Detailed Voyage to Hitch n Go RV, Delhi, Ontario

We departed Niagara Falls about 11:00 for the short hop to the RV dealer. On departing the campground we turned right onto Hwy # 20 heading West. Up to speed and approaching the Welland Canal I spot a warning sign for a low bridge, of 4.1 meters, which I estimates gives us about 2″ clearance. With 2 A/C’s, satellite dish, etc on the roof, that just isn’t sufficient clearance to be comfortable. Fortunately they have a road to the right before the bridge, so we head right and get turned around. Returning to Highway # 20 we spot a semi heading for the bridge, and once on the bridge we note he has a couple of feet clearance. Then Judi spotted the low point was the angle at the outboard side. So comfortable with the clearance, we turn towards the bridge and head down the middle. Phew, yet another challenge successfully negotiated.

After the bridge challenge we had an uneventful trip to Delhi, and with the aid of the GPS, found the dealership with ease. On arrival, we backed in adjacent to the service bay awaiting repairs that commence early Wednesday morning.

Parked at Redwood dealer Hitch n Go RV in Delhi OntarioThis is an excellent dealer and repairs were completed as promised, and on schedule. They even checked additional issues they have noted on other Redwood coaches. If you have a Redwood, Crossroads or Brookstone I highly recommend this company. We are staying an additional night, departing early Thursday morning, resuming our voyage East.

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