We’re On The Road Again – Finally

Thanks to the great people at Hitch n Go RV in Delhi, Ontario we are resuming our voyage towards Nova Scotia and the Atlantic Ocean. To resume our trip, in New Brunswick on schedule, requires 2 days of about 500 miles each day. Therefore, we will be a day late arriving in New Brunswick.

Thursday 28th August 2014

Delhi, Ontario to Henderson Harbour, New York

Temps – maximum of 20C, positively chilly

Weather – clear skies on departure, but high overcast on arrival

Wind – fresh NW’ly, mostly following or on the beam

Cloxs – no change (Z-4)

Distance today – 331 miles

Total Distance – 3,615 miles


The most important consideration today is avoid Toronto at all costs, especially after 2 previous experiences. Therefore, we elected to use one of the Niagara Peninsula border crossings and pass through upstate New York.

Departure Delhi

A rather early departure, with the only challenge being getting hooked up in darkness.

Detailed Voyage to Henderson Harbour, NY

The day started a tad early, for Andy at 04:00 and then Judi at 05:30. After the obligatory mug of tea and breakfast, Andy started packing up and getting ready to hit the road. Got Judi up about 05:30 and we were on the road shortly before 06:00, still well before sunrise – far too much resemblance to having to work for a living. Note to self – don’t repeat.

Armed with more tea, we hit the road and made good time up to the Motorway # 401, followed by the # 403. On the # 403 we were heading due East at sunrise, which was spectacular, with considerable parallax at the horizon. For a border crossing we elected to use Lewiston, which is definitely big rig friendly. Had an excellent and very pleasant border agent, very thorough, but performed his duties with a smile.

On departing the border we missed the first turn so ended up on the motorway towards Buffalo. The GPS suggested taking the next exit, followed by a left and returning towards the border crossing. We complied, but after the second turn we passed a sign  “road closed, local traffic only”. Blimey, would be nice if the sign was a tad earlier, like before we turned the corner. So we are on a 2 lane road that is less wide than our length and we see the road fenced off – bugger. Judi in the passenger seat is starting to get wound up with this small dilemma, so Andy started reversing towards a small local road off to the right. We had just started turning when I noted a flotilla of dump trucks approaching from astern, so aborted the operation to let them past. Once clear we reversed into the side road sufficiently to get turned around. Having completed the manoeuvre we pulled over for breakfast and walking the dogs. Could easily have handled a cold hopped beverage, but still had 200 miles to go.

Back on the road we headed to Hwy # 104 East, which was a pleasant drive through mostly countryside. Only notable point was passing a truck heading in the opposite direction with a snow plow on the front – isn’t it still summer here? Should we be concerned with our West Coast summer tires?

Pulled into the campground about 15:00 and it is almost on Lake Ontario. While our site is furthest from the water, it is only a short walk to the water, even if it isn’t salt water.

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