Confederation Bridge – 8 miles Between New Brunswick to PEI

Although we only spent 2 nights in the really pleasant town of Dalhousie, New Brunswick, it was with regrets that we departed and set course for Prince Edward Island, crossing the 8 mile long Confederation Bridge. Dalhousie has lost all their industry over the last few years, but the people have kept their heads high, and are super friendly.

Monday 1st September 2014

Dalhousie, New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island(PEI)

Temps – maximum of low 20’s

Weather – Overcast, with initial Scotch mist turning to light rain

Wind – light airs

Cloxs – no change (Z-3)

Distance today – 245 miles

Total Distance – 4,544 miles


During the planning phase we intended to take Hwy 134 along the coast, but our experience with the low bridge a couple of days ago made us a tad gun shy, so elected to take Hwy 11, which is a major inland route. Unfortunately less scenic, but probably less risk.

Departure Inch Arran Campground

Only challenge this morning was paying attention to the road and adjacent RV’s and not the abundance of fabulous scenery.

Detailed Voyage to PEI

Having spent a quiet day yesterday enjoying our return to the ocean, Andy forgot to head out to fill the truck, so when we departed, gulp only a 1/4 tank of diesel, definitely insufficient for 245 miles. Probably aren’t any truck stops enroute, so we need to find a gas station that sells diesel and is accessible by a semi. To our surprise, at the main road we found not 1, but 2 gas stations and both sold diesel, but neither had posted clearance heights on the forecourt. Andy started at the Irvine and went in to ask the height and clerk responded she had no idea. The Esso across the road looked easier to access the pumps, so we drove across and stopped in to again ask the clearance. The clerk advised they regularly get trucks, but doesn’t know the exact height, but she could get the Manager out to assist us. I responded, no problem I’ll just drive in far enough to access the diesel pump and reverse out. Climbing up the rear ladder indicated the nose cap would clear, but the A/C’s would be close, so the reversing out was the safe option. As we started to pull ahead, the Manager arrived and assisted watching the clearance. When paying for the diesel the clerk gave us a couple of dog biscuits and badges for us. Yet again, really great people in this town.

On the road, we started on Hwy 134, then quickly moved inland to Hwy 11, which was mostly a good road. Normally we only drive 2 hours, but this morning we started with 3 hours, before stopping for lunch. This only left about 1.5 hours to the campground on PEI.

The Confederation Bridge is the 23rd longest bridge in the world at about 8 miles and we have heard many stories and issues, but really it was unspectacular, it’s just a long bridge. It is only 2 lanes with high sides, yes it’s long, but other than that it was nothing special. Probably wouldn’t want to take the rig across in a 70 kt wind in winter, but on a calm day no worries.

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