It’s The Ocean – Salt Water, Seaweed & Seagulls

View out of bedroom window

View out of bedroom window

We departed Quebec City and continued our journey East, and today will be a big day as we finally reach the ocean, after 6 weeks of crossing mountains and prairie. Regardless of the fact we are over 4,000 miles from Vancouver, on reaching the ocean it will feel great to be “home”. Today is another 300+ mile drive and a long weekend, so we wanted to be on the road fairly early to get out of Quebec City before the motorway got too busy.

Saturday 30th August 2014

Quebec City, Quebec to Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Temps – maximum of mid 20’s

Weather – initially clear skies, but then overcast

Wind – fresh W’ly

Cloxs – ahead 1 hr (Z-3)

Distance today – 331 miles

Total Distance – 4,299 miles


Today we had a couple of routing options that were equidistant, so we elected Hwy 20 to Hwy 132, which continued along the Gulf of St Lawrence.

Departure Quebec City Koa

The campground filled up overnight and as the sites are tight together and short there were trucks parked everywhere. Getting out the site was easy, but didn’t have much room to make the turn onto the exit road. The edge of the road dropped off steeply and we had a vehicle parked on the inside corner. Judi actually had to get out, as we skimmed past the vehicle with just less than 6″ clearance.

Detailed Voyage to Dalhousie, New Brunswick

Departing the campground we stopped at the barrier, while it raised, and I noted a cyclist coming up the inside and stop just behind the truck. When the barrier raised I cut the truck over to the right to miss the raised barrier and noted the cyclist passing us and almost getting taken out by the mirror. What a great start to the day!

Once the GPS was programmed the ETA was later than expected for the distance, so I assumed we would be passing through numerous small towns and villages. It wasn’t until about 1 hr before arrival we finally clued into the time change. New Brunswick uses Atlantic Time!

We were quickly heading East on Hwy 20 and traffic was steady, but moving at a good speed. It was a great road, two lanes in each direction, with lots of room for expansion. The road was a few miles inland so we didn’t see any of the St. Lawrence Seaway, until the bay prior to the River Ouelle, when the highway ran parallel to the river and we even spotted a deep sea ship. Andy was a very happy camper.

The highway then headed inland again until the junction with Highway 85/185, when we took Highway 132 along the river. This road followed the river for many miles giving us great views and another couple of ships heading upriver.

At Mont Joli we stopped for lunch and then headed inland, still on Hwy 132. This road climbed uphill for many miles and then followed the River Matapedia valley down to the Quebec/New Brunswick border.

In New Brunswick all signs are in both English and French, so Andy can again understand the signs. Heading along Hwy 134 we enter Campbellton, a small town on Chaleur Bay about 10 miles from our destination. The GPS said turn left and about 1/2 through the turn noted a railway bridge about 100 yds ahead with only 11′ 9″ clearance, which is about 20″ less than we require. The only exit is through a gas station, which has a clearance sign on the forecourt of 12′ 9″, or 7″ too low. Our only option was to cut it over hard into the gas station and manoeuvre around the edge of the forecourt. Success, we made it, yet another challenge passed.

The remainder of the voyage was uneventful, arriving at the campground about 17:30. Great location, right on the ocean. At check-in, the lady advised which sites were available and suggested we drive around and pick one. Once set up, she asked us to come back to advise her which site we selected and settle the account.

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