Cape Breton – North Tip of Nova Scotia

Since the previous campground lost our reservation and we only paid for 3 nights rather than the 4 we had planned, we decided to head up to Cape Breton a day early. Judi phoned the campground and bonus, our spot is being vacated this morning, so we can get the extra day without moving.

Monday 8th September 2014

Havre Boucher, NS to North Sydney, NS

Temps – 18C

Weather – Clear and sunny

Wind – strong NW’ly

Cloxs – no change (Z-3)

Distance today – 85 miles

Total Distance – 4,837 miles


Real easy day for the navigator, as it was a really short hop and only 2 roads.

Departure Hyclass Ocean Campground

This was one of the more challenging departures, as this campground isn’t overly big rig friendly. While we were in a pull through site, it definitely wasn’t designed for 40+ foot coaches. Once hooked up we had less than 10′ of level in front of the truck before going down a steep grassy hill. Prior to moving I considered 2 plans, one being to simply back out the way we came in and the other was back it up to change the angle to give me more room to get out between the services. I elected the latter, so backed up about 30′ and kicked the back end over to give me more distance from the service pole for swinging the back end. Worked beautifully, missed the service pole by a couple of feet and the grassy hill by about 1 foot. Fortunately we didn’t have a neighbour, as then it would have been really challenging.

Detailed Voyage to Nova Scotia

Today is a really short voyage of only 85 miles or about 2 hours, so we planned to leave about Noon, making use of the morning to catch up on some cleaning. We were getting tired of the dog hair blowing around the truck with the windows open, so Andy backed it up to the door and attacked it with the hoover. Two and a half hours later he had almost filled a hoover bag with dog hair. Then it was onto the coach, Judi polished all the wood, we have lots, while Andy did his usual hoovering before bringing the slides in.

Our timing was perfect, pulling out of the site right at high Noon.

The trip up to Sydney was a short 2 hours, with a considerable portion along the inland lake of Cape Breton. The road was also continuously undulating, up and down the bunny slopes, until the penultimate hill, which topped out at about 800′. The drive was almost like a training ground for the Rockies.

We are now at the North Sydney KOA and it is spectacular, we have a water view in front and steep cliffs behind.

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