Nova Scotia Sunset On A Clear Day

Hyclass Ocean Campground the lum is a reekin'

Hyclass Ocean Campground the lum is a reekin’

After our scenic drive around the coast to Canso, on arriving at the campground, we stopped at the office and picked up a bucket of wood. Expecting a clear evening, it would be the perfect time to sit outside and have a campfire take away the first vestiges of the Fall chill. We got it fired up just before sunset, so we would have some nice coals generating heat once the sun went down.

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Scenic Drive To Canso, Nova Scotia

Canso - CopyLocated in the NE corner of mainland Nova Scotia, Canso is of historic importance and is the location of a Parks Canada National Historic Site. We knew the National Park Site closed at the end of August, and our neighbours at the campground reported Canso to be little more than a run down fishing village, regardless, we decided to take the scenic drive. The drive was scenic, the roads were generally in fairly poor condition and our neighbour’s impression of Canso was accurate, but we had a great time, with the dogs enjoying their time at a beach.

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