We Moved Even Closer To The Ocean

After enjoying the excellent North Sydney KOA, with the unobstructed, elevated views of the main navigable channel into the huge Bras D’Or Lake, for more than a week, it was time to resume our sojourn around North America.  After an easy 200 miles we pulled into the campground a few miles from the famous Peggys Cove and – WOW, can we get any closer to the ocean?

Tuesday 16th September 2014

North Sydney, NS to Indian Harbour, NS

Temps – 18C

Weather – Started overcast, improving to broken clouds approaching Halifax

Wind – light and variable

Cloxs – no change (Z-3)

Distance today – 267 miles

Total Distance – 5,104 miles


We retraced our previous journey down to Truro, then over to Halifax, before picking up Peggys Cove Road for the final few miles to the campground. Therefore, should be an easy day for Navigator extraordinaire.

Departure North Sydney KOA Campground

This one was really easy, hitched her up and pulled out, with lots of room. Great campground and met some really nice people. When we return to Cape Breton, this campground is first on the list, hopefully the same site.

Detailed Voyage to Indian Harbour

We planned to take Hwy 4 down through Cape Breton, but a rather nice couple we met, who departed yesterday emailed to say avoid it due to road works, as they experienced terrible delays. Therefore we retraced our original journey back to Truro on Hwy 105 through Cape Breton, picking up Hwy 4/104 on the Nova Scotia mainland. Once on the mainland the road is clear and we are hurtling along at my usual speed of about 55 mph when all of a sudden the chainsaw starts. In the back seat both dogs are out for the count, Kona sleeping quietly, but Duke is sawing logs. Not to be upstaged, Judi starts the competition of who can drown out the radio – just brilliant, chainsaw in live stereo. Well, at least no chance of the driver falling asleep.

From Truro we took Hwy 102 towards Halifax, picking up the ring road as soon as we hit the first suburbs. Just before leaving the ring road we passed a Costco, but having already checked the satellite view, if the parking lot was full, I would have some challenges getting in and out, so back to Costco tomorrow.

We picked up Peggys Cove Road about 14 miles from the campground and meandered along the various bays on the south coast. Some really amazing views. On arriving at the King Neptune Campground we stopped at the office and just said, “Wow”. The owner wandered over with paint brush in hand and basically said, pick a site and come back later to complete the check-in process. She walked us through the sites showing which ones had full services. We picked one right next to the ocean.

We left this view, but

Sunrise at North Sydney KOA with reflections on Great Bras D'Or

now we wake up to this every morning. Good trade?

Our waterfront site at King Neptune Campground Peggs Cove 2




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