Peggys Cove – Lighthouse, Fishing Village & More


Peggys Cove Andy pointing to the lighthousePeggys Cove, located about 25 miles SW of Halifax is probably most famous for the lighthouse, but it is also a functioning fishing village and so much more. A collection of small brightly coloured homes built around the small harbour on the barren landscape, the village has a very small resident population of only 35 people.

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Halifax – Canada’s East Coast Equivalent to Vancouver ???

HalifaxJudi having lived in Nova Scotia is very familiar with Halifax, but that was many years ago back in the 70’s, so it could have changed. Andy, however, never made it to Halifax during his deep sea days with his only experience being a couple of trips to play in the navy simulator in Victoria. Therefore, we were both interested to compare Canada’s premier East Coast port to Vancouver. How did it turn out?

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Nova Scotia’s South Shore

This morning we headed down Nova Scotia’s South Shore from Indian Harbour, just south of Peggy’s Cove to Lockeport, which is about 60 miles before Yarmouth, at the southern tip of the Province. Today was another short hop and we had a couple of choices for route – scenic or safer. Which one did we opt for?

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