Nova Scotia’s South Shore

This morning we headed down Nova Scotia’s South Shore from Indian Harbour, just south of Peggy’s Cove to Lockeport, which is about 60 miles before Yarmouth, at the southern tip of the Province. Today was another short hop and we had a couple of choices for route – scenic or safer. Which one did we opt for?

Saturday 20th September 2014

Indian Harbour, NS to Lockeport, NS

Temps – 17C

Weather – partially cloudy

Wind – Force 6/7, almost Gale Force SW’ly

Cloxs – no change (Z-3)

Distance today – 137 miles

Total Distance – 5,241 miles


Options for today’s voyage were the old Hwy # 3 that meanders around each of the headlands or the newer Hwy # 103, which isn’t motorway, but is a fast, controlled access highway. Hwy # 3 is definitely more scenic, but our experience to date shows it is lined with low hanging trees and doesn’t get much semi traffic. Not a good combination for our fragile 13′ 04″ roof, so Hwy # 103 is the preferred option.

This meant an easy day for Navigator Judi, about 14 miles back to the highway, then down the # 103 for about 110 miles, before turning onto Hwy # 3 for the final 10 miles. Basically about 3 turns.

Departure King Neptune Campground

Fortunately the campground was not busy so we had lots of room for an easy departure. Pulling out of our site we were both looking over our shoulders getting the last glimpses of the wonderful ocean views we enjoyed the past 4 days.

Detailed Voyage to Indian Harbour

Darn, moving yet again on a Saturday, so Andy has to miss the football matches, well maybe not all of them. It’s only a short hop, so we can leave about 1100, which gives an ETA of 1400, so he can see the first half of QPR v’s Stoke and the end of the Liverpool match.

So after a quiet and relaxing morning, during which Andy did catch the first half of the early match, we started packing up at 1000 and were pulling out on schedule about 1100. Immediately before we departed, another rig from BC pulled in, so we chatted briefly to a couple from Victoria. It is surprising how many BC rigs are in Nova Scotia this year.

Back on the road we retraced our steps along Hwy # 3 about 14 miles to Hwy # 103, heading South for Yarmouth. Except for the wind, which had really picked up to about a very fresh 30 + knots, it was an easy drive down the highway. To counter the wind, which was giving us a good buffeting, I dropped my usual 55 to 60 mph speed down to 50 to 55 mph and dumped some air out of the bags to lower the rear suspension. Big improvement, so we had a quiet journey down the highway.

The Fall colours, which is our primary reason for visiting at this time if year, were no where to be seen, until today. Driving down the highway we are starting to see the first vestiges of colours, other than green on the trees. Wow, this sight is only going to improve.

We turned off Hwy # 103 at the appropriate junction, returning to old Hwy # 3, which was consistent with our previous experiences – narrow lanes, lots of twists and turns, low trees and not in the best state of repair. The final 10 miles therefore was rather slow, mostly down the centre of the road, only pulling over to pass the occasional vehicle going in the opposite direction.

Yet another successful navigational adventure, as we find Lockeport Cottages and Campground, Google shows 2 locations, neither of which is correct, but fortunately the GPS is spot on. The owner shows us to our spot, which is a back-in site with a good sized lake behind us. Not as spectacular as the ocean, but still rather pleasant. Once set up, it was activate the satellite system and turn on the telly – yes, managed to catch the last 25 mins of the Liverpool game, which was good except for the score.

All in all a rather fine day, especially as the owner advised they are having a concert tonight and we are welcome to join them.

This is our new view out the bedroom window.

View out the bedroom window at Lockeport Campground


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