Train Station Pub

End of line pubAfter a day of driving we returned to the coach and enjoyed a splendid cup of tea, while refreshing, it just didn’t rejuvenate us sufficiently to flash up the BBQ and cook the flank steak that had been marinating since last night. Andy remembered seeing a pub across the road, while walking the dogs, so decision made, we’ll walk across the street so both of us can enjoy a libation with dinner.

Annapolis River Campground

Annapolis River Campground

The rear of the campground is bordered by the Annapolis River on one side and an old railway line on the other. The Dominion Atlantic Railway operated the route for 100 years through the Annapolis Valley, ceasing operations in 1994. It lay disused for many years until 2002, when the Nova Scotia Government made the old railway line available to the Annapolis Country Trail Society for the development and maintenance of a trails network, which is part of the Trans-Canada network of trails. The tracks and rail bed are gone and the right of way has been well graded to provide an easy and safe walking trail.

Old railway trail behind campground crossing Annapolis River

Old railway trail behind campground crossing Annapolis River

This was our route to/from the pub, so no guilty conscience, as we walked off at least some of the calories consumed.

Trail we walked from campground to the pub

Trail we walked from campground to the pub

We followed the trail down to the End of the Line Pub, which is the old Bridgetown Train Station, with the mural painted on the side facing the road. From our site at the campground it was a very short 5 minute stroll, which meant both of us could enjoy a libation or two with dinner. They do have a patio and it was a pleasant evening, but it cools off really quickly, so we decided a seat inside was probably best, since Judi wasn’t quite dressed for the Arctic.

End of the Line Pub mural

End of the Line Pub mural

Once inside, Andy was almost like a kid in a sweetie shop checking out the beer taps, and most were actually real beer, although at the far end they had a couple of taps of mass produced ultra cold, yellow, fizzy water. Sorry, just can’t get around to calling yellow fizzy water – beer. A chap sitting at the bar, the owner, noticed Andy drooling over the selection and struck up a conversation, explaining the different beers available:

  • Garrison Brewery Nut Brown Ale, a small micro-brewery located in Halifax. Tried this one during lunch down in Yarmouth – nice beer.
  • Propeller IPA, another small micro-brewery located in Halifax. Tried this one in Halifax, which is one of my favourite local beers. We have a few bottles in the fridge, so will try something different
  • Pumphouse Brewery Stout, a small micro-brewery located in Monkton, NB
  • Pumphouse Brewery Red Ale
  • Pumphouse Brewery Cream Ale
  • Guinness – rich, smooth and dark – ah! one of my favourites
  • Alexander Keith’s – a couple of options from this larger brewery in Halifax. Have tried a couple of beers, but nothing I really enjoy – too light.
  • Fizzy water x 2
End of the Line Pub

End of the Line Pub

The owner then poured a sample of the Pumphouse Stout, prior to me trying a pint. While a pleasant pint it just isn’t comparable to Guinness, not as smooth and rich. It was also served a bit cooler than is my preference. After that I tried the Guinness, which was perfect, poured in 2 stages, with only the shamrock missing from the head.

Anyway, enough about beer, as we did actually enjoy a fine meal. We were shown to a table by our waitress, a young lady who was friendly, efficient, attentive, but not obtrusive. The menu covers a variety of tastes and the Asian dishes were on special tonight, but we elected other choices. To start, we shared a serving of Vegetarian Spring Rolls, while devoid of protein, Andy did actually survive the  experience, as they were well filled, hot, crispy and definitely not greasy. A great start.

For mains, Judi had a burger and Andy the seafood platter. The burger was huge and delivered exactly how Judi requested. Andy’s plate was sufficient for an army – 2 large fillets of pan fried, breaded haddock, ample chips and a separate dish with shrimps and scallops. Only negative was the shrimps were grossly overcooked, almost burned on 1 side. No problem, the waitress noticed the shrimps left and apologised for the rubber shrimp and while too late to fix, she would adjust the bill accordingly. Deserts also looked inviting, but honestly no room, as the dogs got a nice treat of left-overs upon our return.

A really pleasant couple of hours with a nice meal and refreshments, we would definitely return.

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