Our Final Stop In Nova Scotia

Today’s travel distance of a meagre 47 miles, is by far the shortest voyage on our circumnavigation of North America. This resulted from a couple of reasons – staying in the vicinity of Berwick so Judi can research her roots and a previous preferred campground that was already closed for the season.

Saturday 27th September, 2014

Bridgetown, NS to Highbury Gardens, NS

Temps – 25C

Weather – Fine & clear

Wind – Gentle breeze

Cloxs – no change (Z-3)

Distance today – 47 miles

Total Distance – 5,414 miles


Really easy day, as after leaving the campground it is back to Hwy # 101, follow it for about 45 miles, then the campground is about 1/2 from the junction.

Departure Annapolis River Campground

Really easy departure from our pull through site. Only issue was monkeying around with the malfunctioning levelling system to get it back on the truck.

Detailed Voyage to Highbury Gardens Family Campground

Yet again, really bad planning, as we are again moving on a Saturday, which is football day – that is real football played with a round ball and primarily with the feet. Today’s schedule was the Liverpool derby at 0830, followed by ManU and then the north London derby at 1330. So the plan was – watch Liverpool & Everton, then get hooked up and moved prior to the Arsenal & Spurs game at 1330.

Other than monkeying around with the levelling system, the hook up and departure went well. The dogs got walked at half time, so when the game ended about 1030 it was full steam ahead and we were packed and moving by shortly after 1100.

Enroute we pulled into Berwick, stopping at the Pharmasave so Judi could go in and pick up the books on the formation of the town, which mentions the role her Great Grandfather played. After a short delay we are back on the road, arriving at the new campground about 1245.

OMG it is fully treed, with sites located in clearings in the forest. Andy is immediately concerned about getting satellite reception. Regardless, we get checked in and back into our site. Everything goes like clockwork and by 1332 we are done. The dish cannot locate the newer digital satellite, which means we can’t pick up any of the HD channels. Fortunately we find the game, down in the lower reaches in a non-HD channel. Little bit blurry, but at least we got to watch the game.

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