Pennsylvania’s I-80 Corridor

Today will be almost continuous motorway driving, as the departure campground is about 1 mile from I-80 and the arrival campground is about 4 miles. However, the journey through PA along I-80 is simply spectacular, especially with the Fall colours.

Thursday 9th October 2014

Lehigh Gorge Campground, PA to Toledo East KOA, OH

Temps – 5 to 20C

Weather – Initially clear, then high overcast

Wind – Strong W’ly = headwind

Cloxs – No change (Z-4)

Distance today – 442 miles

Total Distance – 7,096 miles


This will be the easiest day yet for Navigator Extraordinaire, as it is basically 440 miles along I-80. We looked at options in Ohio, as I-80 is a toll road, but they added about 50 miles. Therefore, we will grudgingly pay the $30 toll.

Departure Lehigh Grove Campground

On arrival last night, the owner/manager recommended a departure route, as the most obvious route has a tree that a number of rigs have contacted. While walking his suggested route, I thought it looked worse than his not recommended dangerous route. On return, the lady next door stuck her head out and advised they always take the route the owner/manager doesn’t recommend. Decision made, the not recommended route.

With landing gear problems, I stay connected to the truck and just drop the legs, push out the slides and connect water and power, therefore preparing for departure is quickly accomplished. Shortly after 0800, we are navigating slowly through the tree minefield and eventually reach I-80 about 0815.

Detailed Voyage to Toledo East KOA

We plan to average about 400 miles per day, which at 50 to 55 mph is almost 8 hours of wheel time or about 10 hours total with stops. I found a KOA just prior to Toledo that is close to I-80 and had a truck stop at the exit. It is also within 200 miles of Chicago, which with the time difference puts us in Chicago about Noon the following day.

The journey through Pennsylvania on I-80 is simply spectacular. The 2 roads are literally hewn out of the forest, with even the median heavily treed, so you don’t see the opposing traffic. A further bonus is the fall colours, which makes for a spectacular sight while driving.

Unfortunately, the scenic journey experienced in PA changed to more normal motorway scenery in Ohio. Taking the toll road, we expected a better quality road, but sadly, were rather disappointed. The I-80, at times through Ohio, isn’t the best quality of road.

Departing the motorway, we paid the $20 toll and headed to the campground, arriving about 1730. Quickly set up, we got some rest before heading back onto the road again tomorrow.

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