Finally We Reach The West Coast

After a pleasant evening in Spokane, at much lower altitude than the previous evenings, it was time to commence the final voyage to the West Coast. After over a week of what seemed like constant driving, the end is finally in sight.

By 0830 we were ready to roll, but took a few minutes to meet one of the other Redwood owners in the park. It was a couple from Alaska and their coach was brand new, having just purchased it in Spokane. Told them about our forums and wished them well with their new coach.

Thursday 16th October 2014

Spokane KOA, WA to Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA

Temps – 8 to 20C

Weather – Initially fine & clear, then high overcast

Wind – Light airs

Cloxs – No change (Z-7)

Distance today – 328 miles

Total Distance – 9,577 miles


Other than heading through Seattle this is again a rather easy day, with the campground less than a mile from the I-90. In Seattle we switched to I-405, then I-5 up to Everett. The RV parking is located at the rear of the casino and is easy to access.

Departure Spokane KOA

Fortunately the campground wasn’t busy, so lots of room to depart the very narrow sites and navigate along the narrow roads.

Detailed Voyage to Tulalip Resort Casino

On the road about 0845, we had about 290 miles to the I-405 junction in the Seattle suburbs. Preferring to avoid rush hour traffic on the I-5 corridor between Seattle and Everett, this required a higher than normal average speed and minimal stops. Once on I-90 and clear of Spokane it was mostly a gradual descent, so we cruised between 60 – 65 mph.

After a couple of hours on the road we approached the Columbia River gorge, dropping about 500 feet to the bridge, but climbing 2,000 feet on the West side of the river. At the Hwy 97 junction we stopped for diesel and to walk the dogs, then back on the road. Other than road works before I-405 we had a really easy drive, followed by an equally easy drive up to Everett, arriving about 1430.

The casino RV parking is a great deal, as they do not charge, but also do not provide any services other than frequent security patrols. Once set up, we took the dogs for a walk then headed over to the casino for dinner.

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