Home Sweet Home

After a punishing voyage of 3,500 miles, from coast to coast, in 8 days the end is finally in sight. A mere 70 miles to the Canadian border, this is our easiest drive since departing Plymouth, MA.

Friday 17th October 2014

Tulalip Casino, Marysville, WA to Fraserway RV, Abbotsford, BC

Temps – 8C

Weather – Rain, what else on the Pacific Wet Coast

Wind – Light airs

Cloxs – No change (Z-7)

Distance today – 80 miles

Total Distance – 9,657 miles


Easiest day yet, as we head North on I-5 to Bellingham, then take Guide Meridian to the Canadian Border, with the dealership only a few miles across the border.

Departure Tulalip

The RV area is only a parking lot, so a really easy departure, with a short drive to reach the I-5.

Detailed Voyage to Fraserway RV

Both of us were eager to bring this mammoth voyage to its conclusion, so we were both up early and on the road by 0730. With a easy drive up the I-5 and Guide Meridian in the pouring rain, we arrived at the border about 0930. With only 1 vehicle ahead, it was a very short wait and we were back in Canada.

On arrival at Fraserway RV, we pulled over to the dump station to dump and flush the black tank and then dump the grey tanks. Before I had even finished dumping the tanks, our service advisor was running out with the service tag to attach to the coach. She already had the work order generated from the information I sent her by email, so once parked we spent about an hour with her going through the issues. By Monday or Tuesday our coach will be heading into a service bay to address the issues. Yet again excellent service from Fraserway RV, no 2 to 3 month delay for an appointment at this dealer.

Took us about an hour to unload what we needed into the truck and as soon as we finished the yardman was hooking onto the pin to move it to safe storage away, from the drop-off area. Once we left the dealership, we just had to visit our favourite Abbotsford Chippie,  “C-Lovers”. With the 2 dogs and cat in the truck we decided that a carryout was the best option, so we enjoyed an excellent fish supper sitting in the truck.

From Abbotsford it took another 40 minutes to reach home, at which time when the truck was unloaded it was long overdue to crack a few cold Guinness. Ah! just what doctor ordered, after too many days and miles of driving.

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