200 Days To Go, But Who’s Counting

Sea PrincessWow! how time flies, as it seems, but a few days since I wrote the post with 300 days, until we join the World Cruise. Well the finish line is upon the distant horizon, as it is now only a mere 200 days until we board the amazing Sea Princess in the spectacular Sydney Harbour.

Sydney Harbour must be one of the best cruise ports in the world, it really is a gorgeous arrival and departure, docked almost below the Harbour Bridge and next to the Opera House, two of the port’s most iconic features. We await with baited breath to see the changes since our previous visits – Judi arrived in Sydney on the Oriana in December 1977 on the cruise from Vancouver. Andy, well he spent an entire season cruising out of Sydney, being in port every 2 weeks, but the last time was probably April 1978.

How has it changed? Well in 200 days we will find out.

In the past 100 days we have talked to Princess many times regarding a new cabin, in our target zone of midships, Port side on deck 9 or 10. Unfortunately the Princess waitlist is organised by cabin category and our preferred cabin category is on both sides of the ship and also deck 11. After numerous waitlist matches with cabins outside our target zone, which requires a phone call to decline and stay on the waitlist each time, finally success. We now have a cabin in Fire Zone 4, on the Port side of deck # 9.

Other than getting a better cabin, Judi has also purchased new suitcases – ultra light weight Samsonite “Sprinners” which have 4 wheels for easy maneuvering. By the next update Judi will probably have started packing, if not already complete. Andy usually packs the day before we leave,only because if he waits until the day we leave, it drives Judi batty.

Next update in 100 days.

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