Niagara Falls – Behind The Falls Tour

The Falls from the viewing platform 2With current location posted as Maple Ridge BC, you may ask why am I posting about a tour in Niagara Falls, a mere 3,000 miles and 3 time zones to the East. The answer, Jeeves ol’ chap is rather simple, as I complete another assignment for the Blogging 101 course.

Today’s assignment includes:

  • Honing the blog focus,
  • Publish a post for your dream reader, and
  • Incorporate a new element

We started this blog to record memories of our travels and as a medium for family and friends to follow us, as we enjoy the RV lifestyle travelling North America and circumnavigating the globe on a World Cruise. Therefore, today’s challenge is how to maintain the focus on travel, when we are actually at home for a few months, awaiting the impending arrival of our first grandson.

What new element should I include? To date, I haven’t got around to learning how to upload/embed videos to a post, so today’s objective is to post the inaugural video. I reviewed the pros/cons of uploading video directly to WordPress, or embedding from a 3rd party like Youtube. Everything I read recommends not uploading video to WordPress due to bandwidth issues, so I elected to use Youtube.

On reviewing the available video files I elected to go with files from our visit to Niagara Fall last summer. Read on to see how I accomplish these goals and provide a report on the Behind The Scenes Tour at Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls, sure we have all seen photographs and watched them on TV, but nothing prepares you for the noise, spray and power of the water when seeing them live and in person. A truly spectacular sight.

We bought our tickets ($15.95) which are printed with a time to report at the queue entering the venue. Our wait was less than an hour, so Judi of course went shopping while Andy wandered down the street snapping photographs of both the Canadian and US Falls. At the appointed time we joined the perpetual queue, which moved fairly quickly. Once inside the building we were issued with a highly fashionable 1 size fits all bright yellow poncho. They weren’t kidding as it comfortably fit Andy, even when wearing his large camera backpack. Here is Judi in the tunnel behind the Falls, modelling the fashionable poncho.

Judi in the fashionable yellow pncho

Judi in the fashionable yellow pncho

Shortly after donning the poncho, which really isn’t that bad as everyone else is similarly attired, we arrived at the lifts for the 125 foot drop down to the base of the Falls. While descending, you start to hear the Falls, ever so quietly at first, but as the door opens you are assaulted by the thunderous roar of million of gallons of water cascading over the Falls. Wow, simply spectacular and we haven’t even reached the viewing platform yet. A short walk along the tunnel and we reach the viewing platform. By now the hearing is accustomed to the noise, but nothing prepares the additional senses for the spectacular view and feeling the copious amounts of spray. Thank goodness for the ponchos.Judi close up on the viewing platform

The viewing platform comprises 2 levels, providing ample space for the many visitors. Basically, there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Andy on the viewing platform

Andy on the viewing platform

Once we had our fill of the sights from the viewing platform, we ventured further down the tunnel to view the Falls from behind. The tunnel is well lit and maintained and has 2 viewing platforms to view the Falls. Here is the view from one of them.

Once satisfied we had seen enough we retraced our steps back through the tunnel to the bottom of the lifts. After a short queue we were whisked back to the surface for the obligatory exit via the giftshop.

An additional video taken up river from the Falls.

A few additional photographs taken throughout the day.

11 thoughts on “Niagara Falls – Behind The Falls Tour

  1. WoW!!! I’m completely impressed and inspired, on two levels. The content of your post is so beautiful. What a fun way to “scrapbook/journal” your adventures. On the blog 101 level, I believe you accomplished your goal here. The video’s linked streamlessly, I liked the length of them and I felt as if I were there. The additional photo gallery at the end was perfect. I loved that you included your camera settings for each photo(how did you keep track of each photo’s setting?)
    What theme are you using & is it too much to ask for a step by step instruction guide for this post. I Love It!! Admiringly yours, Wendy😊


    • Wendy – Most certainly I can walk you through the development. Not sure what you have covered already, so will touch on even the basics:

      Photos Step 1 – I start with an image editor – Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Adobe Lightroom, etc. I am currently switching from PE11 to Lightroom. This is required to change my photos from Canon RAW (.CR2) files to .jpg. I also reduce the image size to 1024 pixels on the longest axis and compress the file. I shoot RAW files at 25 to 30 Megs and compress then to 200K or less. You can upload files up to 10 Megs, but it takes too long, uses too much space and I am a thrifty Scotsman originally.

      Photos Step 2 – I collect the compressed jpg’s in a file and then upload them to WordPress using the “Add Media” button in the Editor Screen. Press the “Add Media” button, ensure the “Upload Files” box is selected and press “Select Files”. Select the files from your storage location and upload. You will then see thumbnails with the new images.

      Start adding text. When I want to upload a photo I place the cursor at the appropriate position and hit the “Add Media” button. I then select the photo, ensure it has a check mark and enter any name, left/right/centre and size.

      To create the page break – create a blank line and hit the “Page Break” button (2 thick line with a dotted line.

      To create a hyperlink – I open another Google and go to the page. I right click the URL and hit “Copy” then go to the Editor Screen and highlight the word(s) to hyperlink. I then press the paper clip and the link is created.

      To embed films – while you can upload films to WP, I read that it is not recommended. Therefore I uploaded to YouTube and then copied the HTML code or URL onto a blank line. WP did the rest.

      Hope that helps.



  2. What a fantastic experience, one I would love to do. thanks for the photo’s and especially the video, I loved seeing the falls from behind. Lucky you, and lucky me for finding this, thanks 🙂


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