Planning & Selecting Our World Cruise

Planning, Planning & Oh! Planning – Selecting A World Cruise

Now that the decision was made, it was time to start planning, these were our next tasks:

  • Budget – we set a budget for the entire grand adventure, which was primarily what we could afford, but also what we thought was reasonable, This figure was all inclusive and would comprise all costs for cruise fare, shore excursions, on board spend, tips, spending ashore, flights to/from, insurance, vaccinations, visas, etc. Now with a budget figure we could start looking for a specific cruise.
  • Cruise origin – as previously indicated the UK wasn’t an option as Judi wouldn’t survive the initial few days, which is the period that sets the tone of the entire voyage. A good first impression is critical to enjoying the entire voyage. Being Canadians, a R/T voyage from a U.S.A. port would result in the total cruise days counting towards our annual allowance of days in the U.S.A. This doesn’t work for us, so that leaves a departure from Australia.
  • Cruise Line – as Andy and our son used to work for P&O/Princess we have used them for the majority of our previous cruises. We are already Elite Status, so the free internet and laundry would be tough to give up. So preference to Princess.
  • Itinerary – We have spent numerous cruises in SE Asia, Alaska, Mexico and Panama Canal, and we don’t enjoy the Caribbean. Other than Panama Canal, which in our opinion, you can never see too many times, we would prefer not to go to any of the other afore listed locations. Places of interest are – Europe, India, South America and South Pacific.
  • Cabin type – could we survive 104 days in an inside cabin – Andy definitely yes, but Judi not so sure. Would we prefer a balcony – most definitely yes. Being the holiday of a lifetime, it’s highly unlikely we will ever repeat this one, we decided to ante up for the balcony. We may have to limit other expenses to maintain budget, but we thought the balcony was a priority.

Decision – A balcony cabin, on a westbound Princess cruise originating and terminating in Sydney, Australia

Andy & Judi’s World Cruise – link to Princess website, select May 2015, World Cruise and 104 day option.

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