Planning Our Travels For 2016

Yes, that isn’t a typo. We have this year planned and it is time to start looking ahead and planning our travels in 2016. In developing a rough schedule we considered the following:

  • After the World Cruise we are looking forward to a return to the RV’ing lifestyle, hitching up the Redwood and heading South.
  • Hawaii – it will be 3 years since we have been to our Kihei Timeshare in Maui, which is the longest absence in over 10 years.
  • Check out our home Province of British Columbia
  • Cruise with a duration of between a week and the 104 days of the World Cruise
  • Residency – as our extended absence is now over, to maintain our health care in BC, we must be in the Province for at least 6 months in 2016.
  • We want to be home for our grandson’s 1st birthday on January 15th.

January 2016 We will start the New Year by delivering the Redwood to our dealer  for the annual inspection and servicing the brakes/wheel bearings, so it is ready for heading South shortly after our grandson’s 1st birthday. Then it is the I-5 transit down to Southern California.

February 2016 After a sabbatical this year we are booked for 6 weeks at our favourite winter destination – Indian Waters RV Resort in Indio California. Really looking forward to rekindling the friendships we made during our visit last year.

March 2016 The first half of the month is at Indian Waters and on departure we will take at least a week to head North and back home.

April 2016 Will try to get 30 days back in Canada before flying out to Maui and our Worldmark Timeshare in Kihei. It is our daughter and son-in-laws 10th anniversary so we will take them along with us.

May 2016 Probably stuck at home, still too cold outside of the Lower Mainland for us.

June/July/August/September 2016 Let’s go explore our own Province, so we will hitch up the Redwood and spend about 4 months slowly exploring BC.

October/November 2016 It will already be over a year since the World Cruise ended so we will be going into cruise withdrawal. We are considering a 28-day South Pacific cruise on Crown Princess, which is round trip from Los Angeles.

December 2016 Home sweet home for Christmas.

4 thoughts on “Planning Our Travels For 2016

    • Ingrid – Sounds good, would be great to meet a fellow travel blogger.

      Are you planning to stay West Coast next winter, or heading back to the Gulf Coast? Normally when we depart Indio we would continue travelling, but in 2016 we must head straight back to BC, so as to get our 6 months in the Province.


      • We’ll probably stay in the west next winter with the exception of “possibly” January once again in Texas. Tomorrows post might explain our Texas journey. However, hubby will most likely need to bribe me with a shiny bauble (not from Tiffany’s but rather B&H Camera LOL) to get me out of the desert SW next winter. We’ll see who wins!


        • HaHa – So are you thinking new camera body or lens?

          At Indio we get the best of both worlds – well irrigated desert. Coming from the north wet coast we found Arizona just too dry and couldn’t get used to the lack of grass.

          If you’re thinking SoCal – Indio and Indian Waters, not to be confused with Indian Wells, is a great choice.

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