Two Weeks to Departure

Round The World Flights & World Cruise

BA 747-400The planning is complete, flights, accommodations and rental cars are booked and the bills are paid, all with two weeks to spare. Sitting here in rainy Maple Ridge crafting this post, we are definitely conflicted, as on one hand we are eagerly counting down the days to departure, but we are also troubled by the thought of not seeing our new grandson and pets for 9 months. So two weeks from now, as we sit in the British Airways lounge at Vancouver Airport sipping a glass of wine, we will be excited to be finally embarking on the travels we have spent a few years planning, but also thinking of all our grandson’s firsts that we will miss, as he will be 11 months old when we return to Vancouver.

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks to Departure

  1. Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world. Everything we decide is a compromise of some sort. Do feel confident that you have made a good decision. You have spent a long time preparing and will have much to share in the future.


    • Gordon – When we started planning, we obviously didn’t have grandkids, but as both kids are now in their 30’s we knew it would be a distinct possibility, so had discussed the pros and cons. With the current level of worldwide communications and file sharing capability we are confident we made the right decision to continue, with the only change being returning early for Christmas, as the original plan had us away for a full year.


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