World Cruise Countdown

Sea-Princess-2.jpgIn our current location of Thailand, the calendar has already ticked over to May 2015, which is the departure month for our World Cruise. A scant 3 weeks from today we will be completing the check-in process prior to boarding Sea Princess.

However, we have a busy 3 weeks ahead, with our son’s wedding in a few days, another week in Koh Samui, followed by a week in Saigon, before finally arriving in Sydney, a couple of days before departure. Before arriving in Sydney we have 1 short flight and 4 long haul flights.

Since the last update, Princess have posted tours for most ports, so we have completed the tour requests and planned our activities in ports where we are not using Princess tours.

Are we ready? Most definitely yes and are already counting down the hours – 501 hours.

2 thoughts on “World Cruise Countdown

  1. 501 hours for you … 377 days for us following in your wake on the 2016 world cruise. Have a fantastic time and hope to catch up with you in Sydney when you return. Are you doing the Machu Picchu tour?


    • Negative on Machu Picchu for a couple of reasons.

      Having lived and worked almost at sea level my entire life, I struggle at altitude and Judi definitely has altitude sickness. The tour is also almost 4 days of travel by bus, train and plane for a very brief stop at the site. That just isn’t productive use of our time.


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