Hong Kong, An Unexpected Overnight Stop

With only an hour between flights we expected the connection in Hong Kong would be tight; however, we hoped for more than four (4) minutes. Yes, we arrived at the gate in Hong Kong at 23:51 and our Sydney flight left at 23:55.

You guessed correctly, along with 4 others, we missed the flight.

Fortunately, I had researched the previous 3 days and noted that the Saigon to Hong Kong flight was routinely late. Therefore, we ensured our carry on luggage had the essentials required for an unexpected overnight stop.

Check out our next post on the overall journey from Saigon to Sydney for our hotel experience. Hint – this was a 5-star hotel that we wouldn’t give any stars.

2 thoughts on “Hong Kong, An Unexpected Overnight Stop

  1. Hi Marg,

    Affirmative, we got an excellent sleep after the delays. Just got back to the condo after the pre-cruise meeting tonight.

    Looking forward to meeting post cruise. We are at the Wyndham Suites, so please give them a ring and leave a message. We are here from Sept 4th to 11th then head to Brisbane.

    Would love to chat about caravanning, to compare our experiences in North America.



  2. I see on your Current Location that you made it to Sydney. Just in time for a refreshing good nights sleep and then a welcomed ‘unpack once’ for the next 104 days 🙂
    Looking forward to following you around the world.
    Hope to catch up with you on your post cruise stay in Sydney.
    Bon Voyage, Marg & Rob
    PS – re: cruise critic postings – we are also caravaners 🙂


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