Day 2 – At Sea – Saturday 23rd May 2015

Sydney to Melbourne

Our first of many sea days, on this 104-day voyage of a lifetime. It is 11 years since we have sailed on Dawn Princess, a sister to the Sea Princess, so today is an excellent opportunity to re-learn this class of ship and establish a routine for the many sea days ahead. Read on for a narrative of our daily activities and the initial photographs.

World Cruise Map

Sea Princess 2015 World Cruise


Temperature: High 16C/61F and Low 10C/50F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy to overcast. S’ly Gale Force Winds

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:58/16:58

Clox: Z+10

Distance to Noon/Total Distance: 256 miles


Sea Princess maintained generally Southerly courses through the South Pacific Ocean, for most of the day. On rounding Cape Howe, course was altered to South Westerly towards the Melbourne approaches.


Sydney to Melbourne 



Sea Princess

For me the day started bright and early, down on Deck #7 (Promenade Deck), completing my daily walk. A rather chilly and windy morning, with the ship moving briskly in a good swell, resulted in only the diehards out walking this morning. Attired in my usual shorts and t-shirt, I set a good pace to stay warm, while others looked like they were dressed for the Arctic, or more correctly Antarctica in this Hemisphere.  I survived about 1 hr and 15 mins then headed up to the cabin, which was perfect timing, as Judi had just woken up and was getting ready for breakfast.

During the cruise we have been promised a number of premium and exclusive World Cruise mementos!!! The first of these were delivered by our room steward when we returned from breakfast. The ship coloured yellow represents the complete world cruise and a white ship is for those completing segments.

We prefer breakfast in the dinning room and were sat at a table of 8, all of who were from various areas of Australia. After a light breakfast and some great conversation, it was off to our first daily activity – Zumba. Yep, and even I participate. Judi took a rain check due to the ship’s movement, but I got stuck in for the entire session. She must have gone easy for the first class, as I survived to the end. Great exercise and OK music, and I’m not even the only bloke. After a quick shower we were off to our next activity – AM Trivia, where we compete for really very cheap, plastic prizes, than generally originate in China. We formed a team of 6, with another couple and a couple of single ladies, one doing the entire cruise and the other disembarking in Dubai. Wow, what a terrific team, as we were joint winner with 14/20. Unfortunately, or probably fortunately (considering the prize) we lost the tie-breaker. I will include a sample of the questions, so please feel free to respond in the comments section with the answers. Prize awarded for most correct answers at the end of the cruise, but it will be even cheaper than the ship prizes.

Q1) Who founded Australia’s wool industry

Q2) What causes dimples

Q3) What year was India partitioned into India and Pakistan

Q4) Chiffon,marble and bunt are types of what

Q5) Which sense deteriorate first with age – smell, sight, hearing or taste

Devastated from missing out on the cheap Princess water bottles, that tend to leak, we had to go drown our sorrows at the British pub lunch. Judi had fish and chips, and I had bangers & mash with onion gravy, washed down with one Princess Seawitch IPA (India Pale Ale). A very pleasant ale with tons of flavour and a robust 6% alcohol.

Afternoon was back to Trivia, for another attempt at winning really cheap prizes. Our score improved to 15.5/20, but the winning team scored 19. A few of the questions were:

Q1) Where would you go if you travelled 2nd right and straight to morning

Q2) What artistic technique is painting water colours on wet plaster

Q3) Who is Super Mario’s brother

The answers will be posted on a future blog post.


Pool deck looking forward

Main pool looking forward

Aft pool

Aft pool


After dinner we attended the evening show, which was a trio of vocalists. Originally all from the Philippines, they now reside on the Gold Coast and work extensively on cruise ships. Their name is Lions Den and they put on an excellent show. Great music from the 60’s and 70’s.

Unless I can get internet access ashore I am unable to respond to any of the comments, but please keep them coming. Shipboard internet is extremely expensive and slow. I did note a question about Lufthansa, and yes I have flown with them a few years ago from Frankfurt to Vancouver. They were excellent and the thing I recall most is the business lounge in Frankfurt has beer on tap – self service.


As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

6 thoughts on “Day 2 – At Sea – Saturday 23rd May 2015

  1. Thank you very much for answering my Lufthansa question, Andy! Glad to hear you enjoyed flying with them. I’m affraid it will be my husband only taking advantage of their beer as my 10 year old daughter and I prefer other kinds of drinks 😉


  2. Glad to see the captain delayed the departure so you where able to see Vivid.Andy just wondering how your new tripod is going.I was thinking of buying Mal one. Looking forward to following you around the world.


  3. Used to fly a lot with Lufthansa joining ships in Hamburg or Bremerhaven. I was always extremely impressed by their ability to get three drinks and a three course meal with coffee served in a one hour flight.


  4. This is GREAT!!! Love to hear about your day. If you have the inclination, some descriptions of your dinners, too, would be super. Would also be really interested in hearing the Specialty Restaurants. Love the weather/sea state/location info! How do you like the cabin and balcony?
    Enjoy! I am!!!


    • The Sun Class (Sun, Dawn, Sea & Oceana) only have a Steakhouse, which takes over space from the Horizon Court at night. They do not have a separate venue, as per the Grand Class, Super Grands and Island/Coral.

      While the first two visits were poor, with the chef being incapable of cooking steak, they have since replaced the chef. Our last two visits have been excellent, both the service and quality of the meal.

      Dinners are very well presented on the plate, but they have definite issues getting the food to the table while it is still hot. We find most meals are lukewarm. The quality of meat has deteriorated significantly over the past few years – lamb chops that were so tough they couldn’t be eaten. That night they all got returned from our table and all others in our vicinity. Last night we had prime rib, while tender it was completely tasteless. The choice of vegetables is minimal, so every night we request the waiter brings some additional steamed veg.

      On the positive side, the Head Waiters and Waiters are exceptional, all very pleasant and always ensure that you are satisfied.


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