Day 21 & 22 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Alongside Dubai – 07:00 (Jun 11th) to 13:00 (Jun 12th)

With our son and daughter-in-law living and working in Dubai, we didn’t participate in any tours, having spent a month here last year. As can be seen from the previous post’s photographs, the haze reduced the quality of any photographs taken outdoors over these 2 days. Therefore, I am including a small selection of photographs taken last year during a couple of days on the HoHo bus. Please enjoy.

Dubai Creek

This is where it all started and is an important waterway for the local dhows and cruise boats. It is currently being expanded and in a few years it will head around Burj Khalifa and then back out to the Persian Gulf. The Hop-on/Hop-off bus includes a dhow cruise along the creek, so this was one of our first stops.

Cruise boat heading up Dubai Creek

Typical dhow cruise boat, similar to the one we were on

Dinner cruise boat secured next to the Dhow we cruised along Dubai Creek

Dinner cruise boat moored close to were we departed on the dhow cruise

Dhows tied up at the cargo wharf on Dubai Creek

Large number of cargo dhows tied up at the wharf upstream from Gold Souk

Dubai Intercontinental Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Municipality Offices & Al Masraf building

Dubai Intercontinental Hotel, Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Municipality Offices & Al Masraf building

Rolex Buildings on Dubai Creek

Two of the most impressive buildings at the edge of Dubai Creek- Rolex Towers

Emirates National Bank of Dubai building on Dubai Creek

Emirates National Bank of Dubai building on Dubai Creek

Ruler's Court and Grande Mosque on the banks of Dubai Creek

Ruler’s Court and Grande Mosque on the banks of Dubai Creek.

Dubai Old Souq boat terminal 2

The boat terminus for the numerous water taxis crossing Dubai Creek

Looking back up Dubai Creek at the Old Souq terminus

Looking back up Dubai Creek from the water taxi terminus at the Old Souq Terminus

On completion of the dhow cruise we jumped back aboard the HoHo bus to the Dubai Museum stop. Entrance fee was included and this was definitely well worth the time. Built as an old castle, it is totally unassuming on the outside and even the grounds inside. However, head underground and the history of Dubai and the people is well documented. When we entered, we almost left immediately, but that would have been a huge mistake.

Dubai Museum located in an old fort

Entrance to Dubai Museum

Outside exhibits in Dubai Museum 3

Dubai Museum unassuming exhibits on the inside.

Shopping area in Dubai Old Souq

Part of the Old Souq, which is close to the museum


Burj Al Arab

Once clear of the Dubai Creek we headed along Jumeirah Beach Road. The Mosque wasn’t open to visitors, so we continued to the Burj Al Arab, where we got off the bus for a photo op.

Burj Al Arab Hotel and Jastarnai-Hel Marina

Burj Al Arab hotel and adjacent marina from the public beach

Jumeirah Beach Hotel 2

Jumeirah Beach Hotel, which is adjacent to the Burj Al Arab

Public Beach looking North East

Public beach adjacent to the Burj Al Arab

Judi at the public beach by Burj Al Arab Hotel

Judi sitting on the promenade of the public beach beside the Burj Al Arab


Madinat Jumeirah

Located on Jumeirah Beach Road between the Burj Al Arab and Palm Jumeirah, the Madinat Jumeirah is an excellent collection of small shops, restaurants and hotels built around a central lagoon.

Madinat Jumeirah lagoon below the Noodle House where we had lunch

Central Lagoon, which was directly below the Noodle House where we stopped for lunch

Andy and Judi at Madinat Jumeirah lagoon with Burj in the background 2

Both of us at the lagoon with Burj Al Arab in the background


Palm Jumeirah Island

This is Dubai’s offshore island that was constructed to resemble a palm tree and is connected to the shore by a bridge. The central trunk is well developed with major hotels, condos, highway and light rail. The individual fronds are access controlled and most are either under development or still waiting. At the end of the central trunk a tunnel provides access to the exterior ring, which is home to the hotel/entertainment complex “Atlantis”. Unless you are staying at the hotel, it is a waste of time driving out here or getting off the HoHo bus, as you are only permitted access to their shops.

Atlantis Hotel at the end of The Palm

Atlantis Hotel


Burj Khalifa/Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall is substantial and includes a few novel features – large Aquarium and an actual Airbus A-380 simulator. It doesn’t operate on hydraulic rams, but the interior is laid as a copy of an actual A-380 cockpit. I had planned to book a time slot, but with not feeling in the pink of condition, decided to forgo one of the highlights on the cruise for me. Oh well, Flight Sim X will still be on the home computer when we return in December.

Dubai now has the world’s tallest building – Burj Khalifa, which is located at the rear of Dubai Mall adjacent to the lake.

Burj Khalifa at Dubai Mall

Burj Khalifa in late afternoon

Burj Khalifa at Dubai Mall at sunset

Burj Khalifa in early evening shortly after sunset

Burj Khalifa lake

Burj Khalifa Lake at rear of Dubai Mall

Burj KahlifaLake and surrounding buildings at night from TGI Friday's balcony

Burj Khalifa Lake from TGIF Restaurant Balcony. This was the view we suffered while eating dinner. Spent so much time gawking at the scenery we ended up with cold dinners

Burj Khalifa lake laser show 2

Burj Khalifa Lake laser show

The following photographs are a selection from the water show, which is massive, it’s Vegas on steroids.

Dubai Mall water fountain show 8

Dubai Mall water fountain show 9

Dubai Mall water fountain show 7

Dubai Mall water fountain show 3


After all the glitz and listening to commentary about how Dubai has the biggest, best, longest, heaviest, etc of everything. You just can’t leave Dubai without heading out of town into the desert.

Camels by the road outside of Dubai

Driving along the motorway, we spotted these camels, so our son pulled off the road onto the desert and drove a bit closer to the dunes.

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