Day 26 – At Sea–Jun 16th 2015

Muscat, Oman to Aqaba, Jordan

Our third sea day of five between Muscat and Aqaba in Jordan. Today we will hit our furthest South point on this voyage, altering to Northerly course about Aden, for our entry and transit through the Red Sea. Even with a fresh breeze blowing, the lack of a substantial swell has eased the ship’s movement substantially.

Temperature: High 32C/90F, Low 27C/81F

Wind/Weather: wind SW’ly at 25 kts, low swell, Fine and hazy

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:30/18:34

Clox: Z+3 (No change)

Distance to Noon: 1,225 miles since Muscat



Sea Princess maintained SW’ly course through the Gulf of Aden, following along the coast of Yemen. Shortly prior to Noon with Aden abeam to Stbd, Sea Princess altered to a WNW’ly course of 293 degrees towards a position off Perim Island, which is the entrance to the Red Sea. Abeam Perim Island, a northerly course was set for the transit through the Red Sea. 


News Flash

Even aboard the ship I still follow the daily news relating to my football team, the Almighty Glasgow Rangers. What a brilliant day, as we have just signed one of the best up and coming manager’s as the next manager, who will be assisted by an ex-player, who is an Ibrox legend. If I wasn’t still taking antibiotics I would be having a few jugs of hopped beverages in celebration. Eagerly awaiting the start of the new season. 



Patter 1 Jun 16

Patter 2 Jun 16

Based on today’s schedule we plan to attend the following:

  • 10:00 AM Trivia
  • 11:00 Relaxing swim
  • 12:00 Aussie Pie Buffet lunch
  • 13:00 Judi providing Facebook instruction
  • 14:00 Margarita Demo
  • 18:45 Triple trouble
  • 19:45 Dinner


Yet again my convalescing dictated that I forgo my daily walk and Zumba, so our first activity this morning was the AM Trivia. We lost 2 members in Dubai and are pleased to have picked up a new couple that joined in Dubai. The questions were rather tough, so we got a respectable 11/20, although the brainiacs blew everyone away with a winning 16/20, which was 3 better than the 2nd place team. With the smoother passage we decided to pay a visit to the upper decks, where I swam lengths for 1/2 hrs and we sat in the shade reading our Kindles. At a toasty 32C, with slight breeze over the decks, it was rather pleasant with the ever present salt air.

Rather than heading to the dining room, we elected to try the Aussie Pie Buffet, which was a selection of individual pies, bridies and Cornish pasties made with different fillings – Steak & Guinness, Steak & Kidney, Steak & Mushroom, Curry Veg, Chicken & Wine Sauce and Lamb & Sweet Potato. They weren’t bad, just rather cold and way too much pastry.

At dinner last night, Judi arranged for Jude to come to our cabin at 13:00 so she could teach her how to use Facebook on her phone. Since I don’t use cell phones or Facebook I wasn’t any help. Judi then went to the cruise long trivia, which will be our last attendance, while I headed up for the Margarita Demo.

Margarita demo with Jill &  barman

Demo table set up with barman Glady and Jill from the Cruise Staff

Margarita Demo - Glady shaking the first drink

Glady showing how to shake. Then it was opened up to the pax. Whoever could shake their booty the best got a free Margarita.

Margarita Demo - juggling bottles 

In addition to Margarita demos they provided a juggling demo

Margarita Demo - finished product

One of the finished Margaritas


After the Margarita Demo I met Judi in Vista Lounge where they were holding a new game – passenger feud, which is a take-off from the TV program Family Feud. The Cruise Staff obviously hadn’t read all the answers, as they stopped prior to giving the answers to the question – What do you only use once? Rather sheepishly they asked if we had any children in the room, as one of the 5 answers was condoms. I guess they will check the answers in future before starting the quiz. Even though it is a World Cruise and the average age is over 70, we do have a 12 year old and a couple of younger kids on board.

Prior to dinner we headed down to Crooners for Triple Trouble, which included the Guitar, Trombone and Sax players from the ship’s orchestra playing some easy listening Jazz. We saw tablemates Roger and Jude, so sat with them and chatted. The dinner menu this evening was simply title, “Dinner”, no special occasion or country, as was common on the first sector. Judi had the pork chop and I had the sole filet. Both were well presented and tasty, but as usual could have been served warmer.


Filet of sole with Judi’s cabbage and apple from the pork chop.


As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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