Day 41 – Dubrovnik, Croatia – July 1st, 2015

**** Canada Day ****

Dubrovnik, Croatia – 09:00 to 18:00

Today is Canada Day, 151 years since they signed the papers for confederation, which started the Canada we know today. In addition, our port of call today is Dubrovnik, Croatia, one of the ports I remember fondly when cruising the Meddy aboard the school ship Uganda back in 1976. Only problem, how much would I remember? Obviously not that much, as I recall the wall being much flatter; well, I was but a dashing 19 year old in those days. As usual, I will do a separate post for our travels around the Old City and The Wall.

Temperature: High 27C/81F, Low 20C/68F

Wind/Weather: Light Airs, fine and clear

Sunrise/Sunset: 05:13/20:29

Clox: Z+2 (no change)




Throughout the morning Sea Princess maintained SE’ly courses through the Adriatic Sea towards the Port of Dubrovnik, where we embarked the pilot about 08:00 and were securely berthed alongside by 09:00.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Dubrovnik is a walled city on the Adriatic Sea in the Dalmatia Region of Croatia. It is a seaport and one of the premier tourist destinations in the entire Mediterranean Region. Although demilitarised in the early 1970’s, to prevent damage during the wars and eventual break-up of Yugoslavia, the city was shelled extensively for 7 months in 1991, causing damage to about 56% of the buildings in the old town. Restoration work is complete, as UNESCO reports most of the old city is restored to the original condition.



With hundreds of photographs from Venice and about 3 days of blog posts behind, I spent a few hours before breakfast working on photographs. When Judi was awake we headed down to the restaurant for a quick breakfast, as we were scheduled to meet friends Bruce and Viv at 09:00, before heading ashore.

Entrance to Dubrovnik Cruise and Ferry Port from alongside our berth

View of the Dubrovnik entrance channel from our balcony.

Dubrovnik from our balcony when alongside

Looking up to the end of the Cruise and Ferry Harbour in Dubrovnik from our balcony.

The port is a few miles from the Old City, so Princess hired a fleet of shuttle buses to take those of us downtown, who were not signed up on ship tours. For $20 round trip it was somewhat pricey, but most definitely comfortable and convenient. We headed down the gangway and straight onto a bus, which departed immediately, dropping us at the entrance to the Old City. Additional bonus, a money exchange was right there, so we bought sufficient of the local currency to purchase tickets for the wall. They only accept local currency or Visa.

Entrance to the Old Walled City of Dubrovnik

The shuttle bus dropped us right at the entrance to the Old City.

On the return, we again walked directly onto a bus, which departed immediately for the return trip. Arriving at the port, Bruce and I returned directly to the ship while Judi and Viv walked around all the stalls. On the ship, I was immediately back to working on photographs, especially since I just took another 200 or 300 today. Just prior to departure I popped up to the aft deck to snap a couple of photos.

Dubrovnik Cruise and Ferry Port with our berth being ahead of the remaining ship

Departing Dubrovnik looking aft towards the harbour.

Dubrovnik wall giving an idea of the elevation changes we achieved today

Long range shot of the Old City Wall giving some idea of the elevation changes we accomplished this morning.

Entering the dining room, we noted the entrance decorated with a Canada cake in celebration of Canada Day. Thanks to Judi who asked the Maitre’D last week, if he could arrange a cake. Thanks to him and the galley for their efforts. After dinner, we headed to Razzamatazz for the Canada Day party organised by our excellent Asst. Cruise Director Madi, a fabulous young lady from Campbell River.

Sea Princess World Cruise Canadians

The Canadian contingent of world cruisers aboard the Sea Princess. From BC, Alberta and Ontario.

An excellent evening was had by all, especially the Razzamatazz staff, who rarely get any customers in the evening. The waiter really was a pleasant chap, one of the best we have met on the ship. The Cruise Director and other members of his staff arrived later and he immediately requested they provide a couple bottles of bubbly to celebrate the occasion. A truly great evening, well done Madi.


As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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