Day 57 – At Sea – July 17th, 2015

Greenock, UK to Reykjavik, Iceland

We have anticipated this leg though the North Atlantic to be one of the most unpleasant portions of this World Cruise and rest assured, the weather hasn’t disappointed. Throughout the entire day the wind has been almost 30 to 35 kts, it is cold, completely overcast and visibility is almost continuously reduced in heavy rain. In fact the ship’s whistle has sounded almost continuously throughout the day. I think we have reached the Arctic.

Temperature: High 16C/61F, Low 9C/48F

Wind/Weather: NE’ly winds about 35 kts. Overcast skies and frequent heavy rain

Sunrise/Sunset: 04:12/22:14

Clox: GMT (clox back 1 hour last evening)



Throughout the entire day, Sea Princess maintained a NW’ly course through the North Atlantic Ocean at a speed of 20 kts.



My morning started bright and early with 21 laps or 7 miles around the Promenade Deck. Due to the rockin’ and a rollin’ the pace was somewhat slower than usual. On return to the cabin at about 07:15, I was surprised to see Judi wide awake, so after a quick shower we headed down to breakfast. We had the 2 young ladies again – Kataryna and Tami, who are both excellent. In fact, we were also assigned to their table for lunch. Both breakfast and lunch were good and hot, so yet again the improvement is maintained.

This morning, I attended 2 lectures, the first was billed as an advance digital photo session from one of the photographers. I was interested in what they deemed advanced. Really, it was rather basic, covering the basics of ISO, shutter speed and f/stops. Next up was a lecture from one of the new guest lecturers on, “Sink the Bismark”. It was presented by David Russell, a retired Merchant Navy Officer. He outlined the ship’s history and its only voyage through the Atlantic, including the battle with HMS Hood and the eventual sinking. David is an excellent speaker and his slides and photographs are also well prepared. I eagerly await his upcoming lectures.

At 17:00 I had a meeting with the Staff Captain and Senior First Officer, as a follow up to some of my observations regarding flags, etc. I found it refreshing that they appreciate the feedback and are working hard to improve. They are taking steps to ensure no more flags are raised upside down and I have noted an improvement in the Navigators’s section in the Patter, the past few days. The error in the Navigation Presentation, where they show the Captain as only having 3 stripes, is apparently fleetwide, as it has been in use by all ships for over a year.

The early show tonight was repeat performances from the jugglers and Duo Yalta, the two excellent multi-instrument chaps from Mexico. With the ship’s movement, it was rather challenging for the jugglers, who only completed a quick 15 minutes, leaving 1/2 hour for the 2nd act. The jugglers were good, but probably wouldn’t return for a repeat performance. However, Duo Yalta are a different story, as I definitely hope to see them aboard a future cruise. Yet another excellent show.

Dinner this evening we were missing Viv, who was a wee bit under the weather from the ship’s motion. Judi has really done well, but sitting in the restaurant she could see out the window and the results of the rolling, looking at sky one minute then the ocean the next. That did her in, so she left to put on one of her patches, which take about 12 hours to kick in. Regardless, she has survived the last week of rocking and rolling really well without any medication, which is a huge improvement. She may even be developing sea legs. Back to dinner, which again tonight was excellent and also served hot. Yet again the improvement continues.

Outside the dining room the photographers were dressed up and trying to capture you as you departed the dining room. They were creating a racket and the continuous flashes was disturbing. We asked the first Head Waiter if they could close the door, so they simply opened the other one. We then discussed it with the senior Head Waiter who moved them away from the door, but they migrated back. On departing, Bob really gave them a piece of his mind. 




As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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