Day 75 – Panama Canal Transit – August 4th, 2015 (Downhill and Exit)

The third and final section of the Panama Canal is descending through Pedro Miguel and Miraflores locks and then navigating through the exit channel into the Pacific Ocean, passing under the Bridge of the Americas and passing the amazing skyline of Panama City. An excellent end to a spectacular day.

On the Pacific Side, two separate locks must be negotiated, Pedro Miguel with a single chamber and Miraflores with a double chamber.

Approaching Pedro Miguel following ship ahead of us

Approaching Pedro Miguel Locks. We are heading for the stbd side chamber following astern of the same MSC container ship we followed up Gatun Locks.

Approaching Pedro Miguel Locks wide angle

Wide angle view of the approach to Pedro Miguel Locks.

Looking down the excavation for the new locks channel

The excavation to create the new locks and entrance channel.

Pedro Miguel with both ships ahead of us

Approaching Pedro Miguel with the MSC ship already lowered.

Pedro Miguel Lock with gates closed and filling

MSC ship already departed, gates closed and the lock is filling for us.

Pedro Miguel Lock full and gates opening

Lock full and gates opening for us to enter.

Approaching Miraflores Locks with minimal clearance to ships side

Approaching Miraflores Locks looking down the ship’s side showing minimal clearance.

Miraflores visitor centre and viewing platform

Miraflores visitor centre, which is frequently packed with visitors when cruise ships transit the canal. Today had a great turnout with a large group of Aussies displaying an Aussie flag. Competing with them was another group with a poster containing the latest cricket score from the England & Australia Test Match. England just happen to lead the series 2 to 1.

Bridge of the Americas

Passing the port and approaching the Bridge of the Americas, which used to be the Pan-American highway that connects North, South and Central America. We could access the motorway a couple of miles from our house and after a few days arrive at this bridge.

Passing under Bridge of the Americas

Passing under the Bridge of the Americas

Marina with Panama City in background

Marina with Panama City in the background.

Panama City skyline 2

Panama City skyline. Having completed a city tour on one of our previous transits, we noted that Panama has turned into a beautiful city. Very clean and the people were extremely friendly. A huge change from my first visit in 1975.

I hope you enjoyed this photographic tour through the Panama Canal, as we are now heading south to explore the West Coast of South America.

3 thoughts on “Day 75 – Panama Canal Transit – August 4th, 2015 (Downhill and Exit)

  1. Awesome! Loved your photos and writing. Thanks for a great blog.

    I’ve been through the Panama Canal three times and I would be up there on Deck 10 Forward for the entire transit.

    Back home after NYC stint. Now reflecting on the amazing voyage we’ve had…and it’s hard to get back into routine.

    Cheers to you both.


  2. Thanks Andy. That brought back loads of memories. The Panama Canal was always the highlight of the voyage home from New Zealand (until someone decided it was cheaper to send us round the Horn).
    However in keeping with best Merchant Navy traditions, shouldn’t it have been a can of Tennant’s lager rather than McEwan’s Export?


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