Day 78 – At Sea – August 7th, 2105

Manta, Ecuador to Callao, Peru

After the Panama Canal this is the first of two very welcome and relaxing sea days, as we meander slowly down the west coast of South America towards Callao, the port city for Lima in Peru. Today’s most notable sight was fish boats, literally hundreds, if not thousands of them. Late afternoon, when sitting on the balcony, we spotted a tanker on the port quarter, and when checking it out with the binoculars we spotted small fish boats, also on the horizon, stretching from ahead all the way astern on the port or inshore side.

Temperature: High 25C/77F, Low 23C/73F

Wind/Weather: S’ly winds about 20 kts, with a low swell. Overcast.

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:25/18:40

Clox: Z-5 (no change)



Throughout the day Sea Princess maintained a S’ly course through the Pacific Ocean at a speed of about 14 knots.



As usual, on sea days, my day started about 05:30 down on the Promenade Deck, completing 21 laps, or 7 miles before returning to the cabin to start work on yesterday’s photographs. Once Judi was awake we headed down to the restaurant for breakfast, where Judi’s pancakes were again stone cold, so were returned, but my porridge was surprisingly hot this morning. What a pleasant and unexpected surprise. Getting conversation going this morning was somewhat challenging and for the life of me I can’t remember what we eventually discussed, so obviously it was nothing earth shattering.

No Zumba on the schedule this morning, with the Cruise Director advising later that his only instructor returned home for a family emergency. A very pleasant young lady, we wish Sarah safe travels home and hope everything is good upon her return. They didn’t even have a Noon lecture today from the scientist, so we spent the morning in the cabin, with me working on photographs and getting caught up on blog posts. Also had Sky Sports on the telly getting live updates on the cricket score, which is most definitely going in England’s favour. Note to self, must not gloat too loudly around the other passengers, since most are Australian. We also received a form letter from the Captain this morning advising regarding precautions to take ashore in Lima, due to frequent armed robberies directed at tourists.

Last night we scheduled a boys photo swapping afternoon in the Wheelhouse at 13:30, so we didn’t have time for lunch in the restaurant. We met Bruce up in Horizon for lunch, where Judi and I both had salads, at least this way we don’t complain when it is cold. At 13:30 Bruce, Bob and I met up in the Wheelhouse Bar, where Bruce copied my entire World Cruise photographs (88 Gigs) and I transferred Bob’s photographs from his camera cards to back them up onto his USB stick. Excellent timing, as we finished about 15:00, which just happens to coincide with the start of happy hour. How about a libation, I suggest, as the sun is over the yard arm somewhere in the Empire. Jolly fine idea was the response. Judi also arrived, so she had wine, Bob and I tucked into Guinness and Bruce a coke. Christine also came down to join us, so we stayed chatting for a number of hours and also additional rounds. I think we finally left about 17:30, returning to the cabin to sit on the balcony enjoying the fresh air. The football season starts this weekend, with my team kicking-off tonight. Big smile on checking the game report and result. A 3-1 win, which could easily have been double figures if they converted their chances. Great result and start to the season

Dinner tonight was a repeat of the Oriental Menu. I had crab and corn soup to start, which was tasty and even served steaming hot. For main course I has sweet and sour pork with a few prawns, which was also tasty and served at least warm. None of the sweets were appealing, so I enjoyed the fruit plate. After dinner, the show wasn’t of interest to anybody, so we all headed for an early night.  


As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

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