Day 80 – Callao, Peru – August 9th, 2015

Callao (for) Lima – 07:00 to 23:59

This morning we arrived in Callao, the port for Lima, Peru; however, yesterday the Captain distributed a form letter advising that tourists were currently being targeted by armed thieves and that we should take extra safety and security precautions, such as dressing down and staying in large groups, when going ashore. Even regular local taxis are not recommended. Oh well! we are only here for 2 days. No passenger terminal exists, which means we are amongst bulk carriers and container ships; therefore, we are unable to walk ashore. A free shuttle is available to the gate, but it is a port city and a paid shuttle will take you to a high end mall crawling with armed security.

Temperature: High 23C/73F, Low 17C/63F

Wind/Weather: S’ly at about 20 knots, Initially partly cloudy, overcast by mid morning. Rain in late evening. Hazy.

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:24/18:03

Clox: Z-5 (no change)




Yet again the navigator is directionally challenged, as the daily Patter stated we steered a S’ly course. We actually maintained SE’ly courses parallel to the Peru Coastline at a speed of 13 knots. The pilot boarded about 06:00 and shortly thereafter we navigated through the buoyed channel, entering the port and being secured alongside about 07:00. Docked in the commercial port we had a container ship on one side and a bulk carrier on the other side.


Lima, Peru

Callao is one of 43 individual cities that makes the metropolis of Lima, the capital of Peru and largest city with a population of 10 million. Founded by the Spanish in 1535, it became Peru’s capital following the War of Independence. It is home to one of the world’s oldest universities, with the National University of San Marcos founded in 1551.


With today’s tour meeting at 07:50, we headed up to the Horizon Court for breakfast, as the dining room did not open early enough. Wow, what a pleasant surprise, the porridge was steaming hot. After breakfast we met the ladies from our dinner table, Faye and Vonnie, as they were on the same tour as us.

To go ashore in Peru we are required to carry our cruise card, photocopy of our passport and any bags should be at or below waist height as you disembark. In actual fact, no bags were searched or checked by dogs and on return to the port we did not display our cruise cards or passport copies, as port security was virtually non-existent. The tour department organisation, was as usual exceptional, as excellent announcements were made and we were quickly whisked to the gangway and onto the bus. Today we visited the National Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Pachacamac Ruins and Hacienda Mamacona for a horse show and lunch. An excellent tour, which I will cover in separate posts.

Driving back through the port, we passed under the stern, immediately noting the large “Blue Duster”, or Blue Ensign fluttering in the breeze from the Stern Jack. Yes! Captain Bill Kent is back in command, with us eagerly awaiting his first announcement. We returned to the ship about 16:30, with Judi relaxing her back until our pre-arranged Skype call with Heather, Jamie and Owen. We spent almost an hour talking, including a brief chat with our niece Lara, who arrived at Heather and Jamie’s as we were about to hang up. The dining room is open seating tonight, so we arranged last night for the 6 of us to meet at Horizon Court, so we headed up top at the appointed time of 19:00. We are missing Bruce & Viv, as they departed in Lima for the 3 day Machu Picchu tour, returning to the ship in San Martin on Tuesday. Dinner was acceptable, with most items being at least warm. Getting hot food on this ship is an extremely rare occurrence. We sat and chatted again until about 22:00, by which time we missed the local folkloric show that we had planned to attend.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

2 thoughts on “Day 80 – Callao, Peru – August 9th, 2015

  1. Great to see your posts reappear after a few days break! It must take quite a while to organise the photos and write the commentary, and we appreciate the effort. Interesting that you received the form letter warning of the dangers of Lima. Early last year we were on a 49 day, round South America cruise on Princess and received the identical warning letter which alarmed many people and restricted their plans.The free shuttle to the mall was a way of getting to the taxis. We hired a taxi which took us to a wonderful museum and the driver waited for our return. He was paid once he returned us to the mall. Maybe Princess have to send alarmist letters to avoid litigation? Each port has its dangers.


    • Laura,

      Having been around the world many times I agree with your comment, about each port having dangers. Even Vancouver, fairly close to the docks is not overly safe at night.

      In Lima I did find it any worse than New York or Athens, etc.


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