Day 82 – San Martin, Peru Tour – August 11th, 2015

San Martin, Peru – 07:00 to 17:00

Today we booked a scenic cruise to Islas Ballestas, an off-shore marine wildlife sanctuary, with amazing rock formations that is known locally as the Galapagos of Peru. We were looking forward to seeing an abundance of birds, seals, fish and possibly even a bonus of some whales, but alas it was not to be. Sitting in the Princess Theatre, waiting for our tour and bus to be called, we received the news that the tour operator cancelled the tour for safety reasons, due to high waves. Rather than send us all packing, with a refund, the Shore-Ex Manager quickly arranged an alternative tour – a visit to Paracas National Park. Sounded interesting, so we accepted the offer.

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Day 83 – At Sea – August 12th, 2015

San Martin, Peru to Easter Island, Chile

Well we are definitely back at sea and crossing the Pacific Ocean, with the ship a rocking, a rolling and corkscrewing in SE’ly gale force winds of about 40 knots, and a short steep swell. With our WSW’ly heading this puts the seas on the port quarter, which causes a combination of pitching and rolling. The majority of the onboard discussion centres around receiving reports from those that visited Machu Picchu and how many sea days we can expect after departing Peru. Easter Island is our next scheduled port of call, but only between 1 in 4, or even 1 in 7 ships make the call. If we stop at Easter Island, it will only be 4 sea days, but if we miss the port, it will be almost 11 continuous days at sea. While the schedule lists Pitcairn Island between Easter Island and Papeete, it is not a port of call, as it only entails an 8 hour scenic cruise around the island.

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