Day 87 – Easter Island Tour II – August 16th, 2015

Returning from our ship’s tour about 14:15, we still had 4 hours until the last tender was scheduled to depart the dock, so lots of time for some additional exploring. Judi didn’t want to go for a hike, so she spent some time browsing the ample supply of local junk on display around the harbour. With no interest in the looking at the same stuff we saw a few days ago, I set off along the waterfront road, with no plan other than walking for a couple of hours to wherever the road took me.

After leaving Judi, I hiked up to the Moai prominently standing at the rear of the tender harbour. Built on a long Ahu, or base, it was erected facing the town, with its back towards the harbour.

Walk - Moai statue by the tender harbour

Tender harbour Moai.

The tenders used a small portion of the multi-purpose harbour, which also housed a local fishing fleet.

Walk - colourful fishing boats in the tender harbour

Inshore end of the harbour with the fish boats secured in a small cove next to a restaurant/cafe.

Walk - from the end looking up the tender harbout at low tide

Centre of the harbour with fishing fleet to the right and tender dock to the left.

Walk - looking up the harbour with volcano in background

Wide-angled shot of the harbour from the palm tree lined fishing harbour to the tender pier, with local homes on the hill behind the harbour.

Leaving the harbour, I walked along a single track dirt road with ruts almost 12” deep, with the local vehicles just passing along as if the ruts didn’t exist. Once clear of the harbour, the road followed the shoreline for over one mile to the area that is the closest to what you would probably call downtown. Immediately on clearing the harbour I had an excellent view of the approach channel and volcano in the background.

Walk - ship's tender arriving down the entrance channel

Ship’s tender navigating along the harbour entrance channel with the slope of the volcano transitioning to an almost vertical cliff down to the ocean.

Walk ship's tender arriving in the harbour

Ship’s tender approaching the dock having safely navigated through the rock pile.

Sea Princess anchored off Easter Island_edited-1

A short distance ahead I found a viewpoint with an excellent view of Sea Princess anchored safely, just offshore.

Walk- waterfront hotel overlooking the anchorage enroute to the town

The road continued in a wide turn around the above hotel, which with huge windows provided the guests exceptional ocean views, especially today with Sea Princess in full view.

Walk- view up the west coast from in front of the hotel

Just after the hotel I came across a government building with an excellent view of the coastline from the rear parking spots. This is looking up the west coast passed the local town.

Walk - Sea Princess anchored a short distance offshore

Sea Princess at anchor, as seen from the hotel in the previous photograph.

Walk - Capt we're heading in the wrong direction

Captain, we seem to be pointing in the wrong direction to Sydney, which is a mere 4,344 miles. Check out the sign post.

Walk - waterfront Moai type statue Ahu Mata Ote Vaikava

Moai type statue on the main street between the harbour and downtown. Next up was a row of rather nice waterfront houses with spectacular views.

Walk - row of nice waterfront homes

Row of very nice waterfront homes.

Walk - thatched roof water front home

Walk - amazing water front house with rock front

Two very nice waterfront homes. I especially liked the one with small round rocks and stones on the front.

Walk - carved stone on front of bank

This is a bank with amazing stone carvings on the outside panels.

Walk - restaurant with garden and small paddling pool

Located on a corner, this area has a restaurant at street level with the pool and trees below at the water level. Unfortunately, this was one of the many businesses that were closed today. Probably because it is Sunday. I continued through downtown which has another small fishing harbour and a football field on the main street opposite the harbour.

Walk - down harbour fishing boats with Sea Princess at anchor

Downtown fishing harbour with Sea Princess lying at anchor in the background. Continuing through the downtown area, I passed another closed restaurant on the water side, then passed a kid’s park before reaching a large grassy park.

Walk - from cemetary on far side of town looking back down the road to the town

Looking back downtown with a couple of restaurants on the left and the large, grassy park on the right.

Walk - view up the west coast from the cemetery

Grassy parkland on the shoreline, looking up the west coastline.

Walk - black lava coastline on west side of the island

Rough black lava coastline looking along the west coast.

Walk - looking inland from the cemetery with soft hills in background

From the shoreline in vicinity of the cemetery, looking inland at the low rise hill adorned with housing.

Walk - passed downtown and harbour looking back towards the harbour with ship arund headland

About 2 miles from the ship, I decided to turnaround and return to the ship, walking along the shoreline wherever accessible. This is looking back towards the downtown area.

Walk - looking back along shoreline towards downtown and harbour

Looking across the rough grazing land to the grassy waterfront park. This rough grazing area was home to a number of Moai and other statues.

Walk - Moai in waterfront park on other side of downtown

Moai type statue in the grazing area that has been well preserved.

Walk - Moai type statue in the park passed downtown

Moai type statue built on a metal platform.

Walk - Moai type statue in park by cemetery

Another Moai type statue.

Walk - black lave shoreline with Sea Princess at anchor

Lava coastline with Sea Princess at anchor.

Walk - paddling pool surrounded by black lava on other side of downtown

This is an amazing paddling pool constructed from the shoreline that I literally stumbled upon by walking along the shore. It is not visible from the road due to the strand of palm trees that provide some shade.

Walk - looking out to sea over the paddling pool from stand of palm trees

From the palm trees looking across the paddling pool with Sea Princess in the background.

Walk - carved stone statue above paddling pool

Wow, this one was rather raunchy

Walk - downtown bay with Sea Princess at anchor

From the first headland on the other side of downtown looking back along the coastline with Sea Princess at anchor. From here I strolled back to the ship, arriving at the tender harbour about 16:30. I missed the first tender, but caught the 2nd one back to the ship.

What a spectacular day, especially since we really didn’t expect to get ashore at Easter Island.

6 thoughts on “Day 87 – Easter Island Tour II – August 16th, 2015

  1. Andy great photos, thank you. Can I ask, were ALL these photos taken on your walk after the ship tour. I am on the World Cruise next year and was wondering if we didn’t do a ship tour would we still get to see all these statues if we just walked around? Thank you.


    • The photos from the 2nd post were all taken during my 2 hr walk. You will see all the statues, but you wont see the quarry or the major statues that you see on the ship’s tours.

      Yes the ship tours in Easter Island are very expensive for only 3 hours, but we will only ever make it here once.


        • We did the 2nd tour our the list, but the first one visited a few more places. If we were to do it again, we would probably do the first tour, which also dropped you off in town. Therefore, saving about the 1 mile I walked to reach town.

          We really hope you make it in to Easter Island, as it was a brilliant day.


    • Janet – thanks for the comment, enjoy the remainder of the photos, unfortunately there won’t be any from Auckland, as we are here today and it is a really crummy day with heavy rain.


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