Day 93- Tahiti Cultural Show – August 22nd, 2015

As we returned from the tour, we noted the Polynesian dancers and drummers on the dock, waiting to board the vessel. Fortunately, I remembered the show and cancelled my plans for taking a walk around the downtown area in the vicinity of the ship. Having been to all the Hawaiian Islands numerous times, we always attend a Luau, so we were interested in comparing both the costumes and dancing.

I headed down to the Princess Theatre about 15:30, planning to read my Kindle until the show started at 16:00. After the bus ride, Judi’s back was acting up, so she took a rain check. Rather than strolling into the Princess Theatre I found a queue waiting to enter the closed doors, down both sides of the ship and through the Wheelhouse Bar, which was busy hosting happy hour. The doors opened about 15:50, so I only got a few minutes of reading completed before the show started.

With Judi laid up, I set the camera up for video, recording most of the show. Using 5,000 ISO and a fairly open aperture, I took a couple of photographs when the action stopped, as the shutter speed was still fairly slow.

Tahiti Ora drummers

The show started with just the drummers on stage, belting out some excellent local music.

Tahiti Ora dancers

Dancers on stage in their traditional costumes.

Tahiti Ora dancers in costumes after missionaries arrived

Dancers in costumes worn after the arrival of the missionaries.

Tahiti Ora dancers and drummers finale 2

Dancers completing the finale.

Tahiti Ora dancers and drummers on stage with KIm

Dancers lined up with Deputy Cruise Director Kim.

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