The Brute Mark II Has Arrived

New F350 Dually from front Prior to departing on our recent round the world flights and world cruise, we had a dilemma. What to do with our truck? We didn’t want to park it outside the house for 9 months and as a single rear wheel F-350, it was borderline for towing our Redwood. Selling the old truck seemed like the simple solution, but !!! The problem being, how do we offload a fairly specialised truck before leaving, get summer pricing on a new one and have it delivered just before our scheduled return in December.

Therefore, I called our friendly Sales Manager at Hallmark Ford, requesting if he could accept our trade-in now and order us a new truck during the summer sale for delivery when we planned to return in December. Not a problem was the response, come on down and we can iron out the details. This is one case where loyalty pays. In about an hour with the Sales Manager and a salesman we agreed a trade-in price and finalised the specifications for the new truck, which they would submit at the end of August for a December delivery. They removed my extra mirrors and even offered to remove the air bags.

However, this great plan was thrown a curve, when in mid-July, we cancelled our 3-month tour of Australia and returned home in mid September, immediately after the world cruise. I sent a quick email explaining the schedule change and received a response that the order was submitted on receipt of my email, with a request for expedited delivery. The initial tentative build date was end August/early September, with 2 to 3 week shipment by rail. Actual build was the last week of August with delivery prior to September 23rd. Almost perfect, but unfortunately it got delayed in Kentucky, with our Sales Manager making regular calls to expedite the shipping.

Well, it finally arrived late last Tuesday afternoon and was immediately run through PDI, so it could leave for the bed coating on Wednesday morning and be available for pick-up Thursday.

New F350 Dually from driver side Ford F350 Crew Cab, dual rear wheel with Lariat trim and full 8′ box

With some impressive numbers, Brute II won’t even flinch when we hitch the 16,500 lb Redwood.

  • GVWR – 14,000 lbs (max loaded weight of the truck)
  • FAWR – 5,250 lbs (max load on front axle)
  • RAWR – 9,650 lbs (max load on rear axle)
  • GCVWR – 31,900 lbs (max combined weight of truck and trailer)
  • Trailer GVWR – 24,000lbs ( max weight of trailer that can be towed)

New F350 Dually from rear

Serious hips at the rear of this truck

The rear end is the major difference with 2 additional tires and a 3.73 rear end in lieu of the 3.55 in the SRW. I have seen lots of dually trucks, but nothing prepares you for the size until you hop into the driver’s seat. Wow, this thing is big.

New F350 Dually from driver side

Side view F-350 DRW

New F350 Dually from front

Front View F-350 DRW

New F350 Dually inside 1

Front seats

New F350 Dually inside 2

Console close-up

The differences between the old 2012 and this 2016 are fairly minimal, as Ford has scheduled the next major upgrade for the 2017 model year. Next year the Super Duty gets aluminium panels similar to the F-150, a whole slew of cameras and a multitude of other enhancements. For the 2016 we have an exhaust brake button, rather than just locking out gears in tow/haul mode. Haven’t used it yet, so can’t comment on the change.

We really like the new integrated multi-purpose LED screen that controls the phone, all entertainment options, climate controls and the navigation system. One thing that isn’t in short supply is electrical outlets, a we have multiple 12 V and 110 V outlets and a slew of USB inputs.

Even our old Ladrador enjoys the heated rear seats, which helps to alleviate his aches and pains.

8 thoughts on “The Brute Mark II Has Arrived

  1. Have missed your posts over the past weeks. Hope all is well with you both and family.

    Have a very Merry Christmas! Looks like no snow, so rain will have to do!

    Thanks for your dedicated postings this past year: an overall outstanding blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Patricia,

      Compliments greatly appreciated.

      Normally at home I don’t make any posts, unless we are out playing tourist in the Lower Mainland. We are heading down to the Stanley Park train with our grandson on Monday evening, so depending on weather and how the photos turn out, I may draft up something.

      Personally, I prefer rain over snow, although I would much rather spend the winter in SoCal. Oh well, hopefully next year.

      Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


      • At least you didn’t go to Stanley Park today! I expect some trees down soon. Monday is supposed to be better! Enjoy the lights!!
        Agree about the snow: rain is always better!

        Thought you were off to SoCal in January, but Hawaii later sounds great and a good place to start up your blog again.

        Have you come up with a new cruise line yet? That is the big question mark and i hope you do get back to sea this coming year.

        Best wishes for the Christmas season to you and your family


  2. Wonderful photos and description of the new truck! Wow!
    I would like to know what kind of mileage you are expecting in town and highway, hauling and not.


    • Too early to get an indication of fuel consumption. On the previous F-350 SRW with 3.55 gearing we got an average of 25 mpg (imperial) on a 4,000 mile trip down through western US,which included a fair few miles in LA. Towing we averaged 17 to 18 mpg.

      On a run down I-5 at constant 55 mph I got almost 30 mpg.

      With the 3.73 gears I expect 1/2 to 1 mpg less.


  3. Great news, Look forward to seeing it on my next trip. Have been in touch with the Royal Mint and have agreed on the 2015 UK Premium Proof Coin Set in the wooden box at £155 plus £12.50 insured delivery to you address. Will get this ordered before I leave on the cruise so should be with you before Owen’s birthday. Dad


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