2016 Schedule

Wow, it’s been almost 5 months since we returned from the World Cruise and 3 months since my last post, about the arrival of the new truck. Last January, I posted our plans and schedule for 2016, but a number of factors have conspired to significantly alter those plans.

Shortly after our grandson’s 1st birthday in mid-January, we planned on hitching up the Redwood and heading South to our favourite winter destination – Indian Waters RV Resort & Cottages, Indio, California. Unfortunately, a number of factors dictated that we stay at home and assist with babysitting our grandson, as our daughter recently returned to work. OMG, having completed 2 weeks looking after a 1-year old, we now require a holiday.

What a perfect segue, as tomorrow we are heading to our  Worldmark Victoria timeshare with good friends Richard & Karen, for a 4-day ultra-long weekend. We are planning 1 day of craft brewery tours, a day visiting wineries and a day at the Provincial Museum. Check back next week for a report and some photographs.

The only survivor from the original schedule for 2016, is just over 2-weeks at our Kihei timeshare on Maui. This is our 10th Anniversary present to our daughter and son-in-law. Surf, sun, warm water and clear skies, can’t wait to return, as it has been almost 3 years since our previous visit.

Shortly after returning from Hawaii, my dad arrives for another visit with his Great-Grandson, so we will play tourist in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland for about a month. We will also haul the Redwood from storage down in Washington State up to our dealer for it’s overdue annual service.

The original schedule had us staying all summer in BC to attain the required 6-month residency requirement, after our extended absence for the World Cruise. However, our earlier than planned return and cancelling winter in SoCal means we have already attained our BC residency requirements, so we are now planning to head East and attend the 2016 National Redwood Rally, at Shipshewana, Indiana. While the outbound plans haven’t changed I have reworked the return a couple of times and am now starting a further rework. Our initial plan was to return through the United States, visiting Vermont, Boston, Nashville, Memphis, St Louis, Denver and then into BC for the October wine festivals in the Okanagan. With the collapse of the Canadian Dollar and projected further erosion, I planned an alternative route through Canada, arriving in BC about October. However, a recent situation dictates our return home by end August/early September. Therefore, I am now planning a revised return. We may head out again in October to visit the Okanagan wineries in October.

Once we return home, and put the RV into storage, other than some timeshare visits we will be at home for the remainder of the year, as we have cancelled the South Pacific Cruise.




2 thoughts on “2016 Schedule

  1. Hi Michelle,

    We cancelled the snowbird outing to SoCal, but are currently still planning to head out to Hawaii. In the summer, I had planned a month in Vermont followed by a southern circle trip visiting friends in Boston, Nashville, Memphis, and Denver. However, due to returning to BC by end August and the exchange rates we have put that trip on hold.


  2. I didn’t understand if you are or aren’t doing your US trip but would find it very interesting for sure. Minding a one year old for two weeks definitely qualifies you for a much deserved long holiday! Sounds like you have had and are planning some nice family time. Enjoy every moment!


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