South Kihei Beach Walk

Kam 3 beach from south sideIt has been over a month since we departed Hawaii, and as we leave next week on our cross country RV excursion, it’s time to get caught up with recent travels and complete my Hawaii and Whistler posts.

Located in South Kihei, our timeshare is located across the street from one of many fabulous beaches. This area is  a walker’s paradise,  with abundant views of surfers, beaches, surf, rocky pools and a small harbour. The total distance of this walk was about 5 miles and at a very leisurely pace, with lots of stops, it took almost 3 hours. Read on to check out some spectacular beaches.

Our Worldmark Kihei timeshare is located on South Kihei Road, so on departing our unit I headed North for about 1/2 mile, running parallel to the shoreline. My first stop is at Cove Park, which to surfers is the equivalent of the bunny slopes.

Cove Park panorama

Cove Park Bay panorama

A small park with a tiny sliver of a beach and parking for only about a dozen cars, it has a few benches where you can sit and enjoy the surfers riding the baby waves.

Cove Park surfers

Novice surfers at Cove Park

Cove Park novice surfers waiting for a small wave

 Cove Park shoreline with surfers waiting for a wave

Having enjoyed the Cove Park scenery and novice surfers, it was time to continue with my beach stroll. I took Lliili Road, where you have 2 options, either continue south to the entrance to Kameole Beach, or take the first shoreline access to the right. This is one of Hawaii’s positives, as nobody can own the shoreline, it is open to the public. The shoreline access opens to a palm tree and grassy lawn in front of the condos.

Shoreline walkway between Cove Park and Kam I

Public shoreline lawn between Cove Park and Kameole Beach

This grassy area also has a couple of small secluded beaches that are not well know to the average tourist. The short climb down to the beach provides great views of the surfers at Cove Park.

Small secluded beaches next to Cove Park 3

Small shady and secluded beach adjacent to Cove Park

Small secluded beaches next to Cove Park

2nd small secluded beach adjacent to Cove Park

Cove Park surfers and boarders

Cove Park surfers from adjacent beach

Climbing back up to the lawn, I continued south towards Kameole Beach, which is the beach in front of our condo. The lawn ends at a wall providing an elevated view of Kameole I Beach.

Kam I beach from north end

Kameole I Beach from the North end of the beach

Kameole I Beach has rocky outcrops at both ends, which are popular with snorkellers, but in our opinion, these are not the best snorkelling spots in this area. The beach is long (about 1/2 mile), wide and has fine golden sand that slopes gently into the ocean. A lifeguard station is located about the mid-point. This is a great beach for kids, as the entry into the water is easy, with normally minimal surf or under-tow. A great beach for swimming and catching sunset.

Kam 1 beach from between Kam I & II

Kameole I Beach south end

The beach terminates at a rocky headland, which separates Kameole I and Kameole II beaches. Rather than struggling around the headland, I head up to the beach front condos and stroll along their lawn.

Walkway between Kam I & II

Beach front condos between Kameole I & II

After a couple of hundred yards you descend down the trail onto Kameole II Beach, while shorter than Kameole I, it has the same fine golden sand that slopes gently into the ocean. It is also has a lifeguard station.

Kam II

Kameole II beach from north side rocky headland

Snorkelling is also possible around the headland between Kameole I & II, but again, in our opinion, this isn’t the best option locally.

Kam II from the rocky headland Kameole II Beach from the rocky headland to the south

The above photograph is taken from the rocky headland separating Kameole II & III beaches. This is our favourite spot. We walk down from the condo and try to find one of the shady spots at the south end of the beach. In our opinion, this is one of the best snorkelling spots around Kihei and South Maui. Fish and turtles are in abundant supply and off-shoots of the rocks head out almost 1/2 mile offshore. Over the years we have spent hundreds of hours snorkelling this area. As an additional bonus, numerous small pools on the rocks act as nurseries for baby fish.

Kam II

Kameole III Beach from the north end

This is the smallest of the 3 beaches, but it still has the fine, golden sand of the others that slopes gently into the ocean.

Kam 3 beach from south side

Kameole III beach from the south side

At the end of the beach I headed up to the grassy beach park, then through the nature preserve to the Kihei Boat Harbour. I returned to the condo along South Kihei Road, stopping off at Cinnamon Roll Fair, a tiny storefront in one of the strip malls, that has the best cinnamon rolls. They are huge, baked fresh and still hot when you get them. With box in hand, it was a quick walk back to the condo, where we all enjoyed another delicious cinnamon roll.



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