Enchant – Vancouver’s Christmas Light Maze & Market

enchant_poster_11x17_10xWelcome to our 2nd Christmas Light adventure; heading out on another uncharacteristically bitterly cold December evening, we visited Vancouver’s newest Christmas attraction – Enchant Christmas Light Maze and Market. Billed as the world’s largest Christmas Maze, it comprises 55,000 square feet of lighted sculptures, with a market featuring local vendors and a dozen food trucks. An interesting combination and even kid friendly.

The media hype has ensured that almost everyone in Greater Vancouver knows about the new attraction. Based on the media reports and the content of their website, we eagerly awaited our visit.

The maze is located on the south shore of False Creek, between the Cambie Street Bridge and the Olympic Village residential area. On street parking is basically non-existent, at least when we arrived on a late Sunday afternoon, so we opted for their parking lot. At $15, it was highly over-priced, for what is basically a badly rutted and very muddy old industrial site. However, it was definitely convenient, being only a short walk to the entrance. Skytrain might be the best option.


Enchant Christmas Maze & Market Entrance


Enchant Schematic

Inside the main entrance we headed to the fire pit beside the food trucks to meet up with the remainder of the group. Our daughter and SIL had a number of other couples from their very active baby group, that has maintained contact since their babies were born.

Once our group was together we headed to the maze entrance. However, we quickly discovered that strollers with kids got bogged down in the gravel/mud, so we had to get the kids out and have them walk.

When in the maze you are expected to assist Santa find the 9 missing reindeer, which are located throughout the maze, then find Santa at the North Pole.

enchant-flyerReindeer Poster

 As you enter the maze you are provided with the reindeer poster to identify each of the missing reindeer. Each reindeer station has staff to stamp the posters.









As we arrived at opening time and proceeded directly to the maze, the crowds were initially very reasonable, but they did not sell tickets by times, or even attempt to control the number of people in the maze. Therefore, by about 17:30 it became very busy and challenging for the little kids, who were all 2 years or less.


North Pole with artificial snow

This is our SIL Jamie & grandson Owen up on his shoulders with their friends at the North Pole. Although we are suffering a snowy winter this month, this was actually artificial snow.


Light Tunnel

Above is one of the light tunnels within the maze, with numerous exits on both sides taking you to different sections of the maze.


Lighted Tree Sculptures


Judi & I with grandson Owen


Judi departing leaving Owen & I


Andy’s dad in area of maze surrounded by mirrors


Daughter Heather, Owen and friends


Heather & Owen at one of the reindeer

After an hour of wandering the maze, it became too busy for the little kids to safely move around, so we headed for the exit to locate the Christmas market. This was located in a covered building and included about 40 local vendors selling a variety of arts & crafts.

The 12 food trucks provided a variety of options, but my dad prefers to eat from a plate, using a knife & fork, so we returned to Maple Ridge to a local restaurant for dinner. All in all a good experience and it definitely has potential. I note they are very responsive to feedback, having already made a few changes.

Hoping for an even better experience next year, if the maze returns.

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