2018 Travel Plans

Yes, you read the title correctly; while I am still finalising our 2017 trip to UK, I am also planning for 2018. After the six weeks of snow and freezing temperatures, we were subjected to this winter, we are reverting to the snowbird lifestyle.

During our recent stay at our Indio condo, we visited our old neighbours at Indian Waters RV Resort & Cottages and immediately felt the desire to return. Therefore, I just completed a reservation for February 1st 2018 until the end of March. On departing Indio, Judi really wants to see iceberg alley, off the coast of Newfoundland, which is normally at its peak about middle of May and June. So, we will embark on a 4,000 mile voyage up to Labrador & Newfoundland.

Departing Newfoundland we will head to Shipshewana, Indiana for the 2018 Redwood Rally, then straight back to British Columbia, to ensure we meet our minimum of 5 months per year in BC. Once we get back to the Okanagon, we are considering heading down to the mainland and picking up our grandson and bringing him for his first RV excursion.

Between Indio and Newfoundland, I am currently researching routes, with The Alamo, Memphis and Nashville being our immediate thoughts for stops enroute.

Can you provide any other suggestions for points of interest, that should not be missed?


4 thoughts on “2018 Travel Plans

  1. So interested in your blog. Hubby and I are booked for World Cruise 2018. We are sad we wont have Capt Kent, he is Commander of the Emerald at present. Your blog alerted us to some of the issues that we had overlooked and also to some disappointments re entertainment and staffing. Realising you cant please everyone, it is still important to provide good shows on board and we have been sorely disappointed on past voyages with the lack of stage shows and talent. Thanks for taking the time to do your blog, personal opinions are valuable when taken in perspective.


    • Thanks for leaving a comment.

      I agree it is most unfortunate that Captain Kent is no longer in command of Sea Princess. The latest senior officer crewing list I saw a couple of months ago has almost all senior personnel changed, except possibly Angus (DP). I believe he worked our entire cruise and was excellent, as was his Manager. I noted both the Chef & Maitre’D have been replaced.

      During the 2016 WC, I read a number of blogs and noted that Princess may have addresses a number of issues we raised. I do not believe they rehired the contracted singers & dancers and reverted to the traditional model.

      Enjoy the cruise, while it may seem an eternity until you board the ship in almost 14 months, you will be surprised at how quickly the time passes.


  2. Patricia,

    We are using Cruise & Maritime Voyages (CMV), which are a UK company that operate 2nd hand tonnage. Their first ship was the old Pacific Princess, one of the original Love Boats. Based on our available dates and desire to depart/return to a UK port, it was our only option.

    The ship (Columbus) is an old P&O/Princess ship. Originally ordered by Sitmar, who were bought by P&O in the mid/late 80’s, it was launched as Star Princess. It operated out of Vancouver for a number of summers up to Alaska. It ran aground in Alaska about 1995 and got transferred to P&O shortly after. It currently operates out of Australia with P&O, with CMV taking ownership in April. After an extensive drydocking, it commences operations with CMV in June.


  3. Sounds good, to me!
    I missed your plan for the Baltic cruise this year.. Most interested to know which line you settled on for this.

    Enjoyed your reports on the trip south. Great photos. Your timeshares look very inviting.

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