Yorkshire (Part IV) – Scarborough

This is the final installment of our week in Yorkshire. On our final day, the forecast was early morning overcast skies, followed by afternoon sunny periods. With some blue sky on the horizon, we decided to return to the coast, but where to visit?

Our old neighbours, who came from Scarborough, had suggested visiting their home town, when we had lunch before departing for UK. Scarborough is another of Yorkshire’s coastal towns, and we never need too much encouragement to visit the ocean. So Scarborough, about 20 miles south of Whitby, was our preferred final destination in Yorkshire.

After the park & ride experience in Whitby, I researched similar services in Scarborough and sure enough, Filey Park & Ride, is located south of town on the A165. The parking lot is huge and had lots of free spaces when we arrived about mid-morning. Buses depart every 15 mins and cost UKP 2.40 – return. Parking is free. We got off the bus at the only stop on Foreshore Drive, at the lower levels, as the bus then completes a loop around the upper levels of the town.

Scarborough Beach where we departed the bus

As noted above, Scarborough comprises a lower level with beach, promenade and Foreshore Drive, which is wall to wall tourist shops and amusements. The upper level, or downtown, has the usual mix of shopping, cafes and restaurants.

The beach is huge, covering the entire bay. The photo above was taken from about the mid point, with the area shown being for people only – no pets. However, the other 1/2 of the beach is fully pet friendly.

Scarborough Beach and Castle in the background

We walked along the promenade, enjoying the blue sky, sunshine and light winds. At the pier, we headed to the Harbour Cafe, which is located almost at the end of the pier and on the 2nd level. It was a small, traditional cafe with huge portions and reasonable prices. I had fish and chips, which comprised a huge piece of haddock and a ton of chips. Excellent lunch.

Shore end of the pier overlooking the harbour

To walk off lunch, we wandered around the harbour, with Judi relaxing on a bench, while I went out to explore the breakwater.

Scarborough Harbour panorama

It was early afternoon and the wind had picked up, as I headed out the breakwater, but it was a very pleasant walk.

Inner yacht harbour

Scarborough Beach panorama from breakwater

At Luna Park, we crossed the street and retraced our steps, but on the opposite side of the street. We noted that this part of Scarborough is most definitely a typical seaside resort, as almost every business was amusements, tourist trinkets or UKP/Dollar stores.

St Nicholas Gardens and Town Hall

St Nicholas Gardens is a well landscaped series of gardens, with path leading from Foreshore Drive up to the shopping areas of the upper area of town. The building behind the gardens is the Town Hall.

Grand Hotel and Incline Railway

For those preferring not to climb steep hills, the incline railway (Funicular) is a good option for accessing the upper levels of town. We spotted 2 funiculars, but apparently they have a total of five throughout town. We continued along Foreshore Drive, boarding the park and ride bus for the return trip.

We only spent about 4 or 5 hours wandering the foreshore, but Scarborough has much more to offer – Castle, parks, museums, scenic railway to name but a few.

This completed our week in Yorkshire, with our next destination being the Lake District.

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