Day 2 – Sunday 5th January 2020, Cruising Pacific Ocean

The first of 8 relaxing sea days from Los Angeles to our first stop in the Marquesas Island at Nuku Hiva. Judi & I really enjoy the seas days, especially at the beginning of a cruise, as it provides an opportunity to establish a routine, get to know the crew and fellow passengers and just spend some time walking the decks, or reading. We enjoyed a most relaxing day aboard the Viking Sun.

Temperature: 15 C/59F

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy with good swell running.

Sunrise/Sunset: 07:00/17:27

Clox: No change (Z-8)


We departed L/A about an hour late at 19:00. On clearing the harbour and dropping the pilot, a SW’ly course was set at about 17 kts.

Updated Itinerary Map


Expecting NE trades with following winds & seas, we started experiencing a little rolling about 02:00. Going for my walk I noted a confused sea, with a good swell from a couple of points fwd of the beam and NNW’ly wind of 15-20 kts from abaft the beam. The wind freshened to 25 kts around Noon and veered to N’ly.

Ship was a little lively throughout the day.


My day started at 06:00 when I went for a walk. With Deck 2 (Prom Dk) closed due to the wind, I strolled around decks 8 & 9 for an hour. Little nippy, but most enjoyable. For breakfast we shared a table with one of the ladies completing the full 245-day cruise, having a most interesting chat with her.

After breakfast, I attended the history of Polynesian migration from the resident historian, who was a Wing Commander in the RAF. Excellent presentation, so I will be attending his future lectures. Judi found a quiet spot in the Atrium, where she enjoyed a couple of teas and chatted with various people.

Following the Noon announcement we attended the daily trivia, creating a team of 6 players. With our first answers, we would have scored a winning 11/15, but changed 4 answers on the 2nd reading of the questions. Motto – go with your first choice.

In the afternoon, we chilled in the cabin, while I worked on yesterday’s post and Judi her journal. At 16:00, I attended another interesting lecture from an author outlining the remuneration in the publishing industry.

For dinner we were joined by fellow bloggers MonaLiza & Steve. Excellent company and a great meal with Beef Wellington and Lobster.

Explorers Lounge

After dinner we headed up to Explorers Lounge for a drink before attending the welcome aboard show in the Theatre. Started with the resident band & singers performing for 1/2 hr, followed by the introduction of the Captain & Senior Officers. All 12 lecturers, yes 12 of them, stepped up to the stage where they formally introduced themselves. To complete the show we enjoyed an A/Cruise Director singing, a classical duo and finally the ship’s 4 vocalists. An excellent end to our first day.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

9 thoughts on “Day 2 – Sunday 5th January 2020, Cruising Pacific Ocean

  1. It was good to open your own blog this morning and find your new report. I’ve been following the CC one for some time. I have really appreciated the reports of the “old salts”, starting with Jim on the inaugural WC adding you and Cheng and a couple of others. So good to have information from folks who really know what they’re talking about! In two weeks, we board the Star for the northern lights itinerary – our third trip in that part of the world. Neither one of us are nervous sailers but when things get “active” (great choice of words!) it’s nice to have background info from you guys.
    Glad things have been good so far. As for food, don’t neglect the buffet – it’s nothing like your former line. Note that the two sides have some differences so check it out all the way around! Also, there are things that are made to order if you don’t mind a very short wait. And the views are so wonderful.
    Happy sailing! We can’t wait to get back “home” again!


    • Thanks, we will definitely check out the World Cafe, Mamsens & The Italian one. Not sure about Chef’s Table, as we aren’t into multiple small courses.

      Hope you get a great sighting of the Northern Lights, as they really are spectacular when seen live.


  2. So glad you got to meet our dear friends, Mona Liza and Steve. Sounds like you have an exciting adventure ahead of you. Sadly, I don’t share your love of cruising and merely reading the word ‘swell’ had me turning green. I’m afraid Viking would have to pay me to spend almost 4 months on a ship 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    • HaHa!!

      While I thought it was a gentle rocking, similar to a baby’s cradle, Judi & MonaLiza had contrary opinions.

      Judi applied the “Patch” first thing in the morning and was OK. MonaLiza didn’t survive so well during the day, but did manage to enjoy dinner. Judi provided her a patch after dinner, so hopefully that works.


  3. Thanks, Andy, for your great posts. We’ll be on the Sun in Jan next year for the WC. Your blog on your WC is a great resource.


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