Day 3 – Monday 6th January, Cruising Pacific Ocean

Viking Sun CabinThis is our 2nd of 8 sea days prior to arrival in Nuku Hiva. Judi and I are really enjoying being back at sea for the first time in over 2 years. For us this extended run of sea days is excellent, as we are able to learn this new ship and get back into a relaxing cruising lifestyle. After 2 weeks of watching our 6 month old grandson 24/7, just prior to the cruise, OMG!!! although we miss the kids, we are sure appreciating the relaxation.

Temperature: 22 C/72F (Noon)

Wind/Weather: Partly cloudy becoming high overcast.

Sunrise/Sunset: 06:10/17:27

Clox: No change (Z-8)


We maintained our SW’ly courses through the North Pacific, steaming at 16.3 kts. No sightings of marine wildlife or other vessels. Since departure L/A we have steamed 650 miles and have 2,271 miles to Nuku Hiva.

Updated Itinerary Map


When I headed out at 06:00, we still had a very confused sea, with multiple swells. The wind had settled almost directly astern, at about 17kts. This is your classic following sea, with the exhaust gasses going straight up, which provides zero wind over the deck.

In the morning we had partly cloudy skies, which became high overcast by the afternoon.

These conditions resulted in a small amount of pitching and a gentle rolling motion. More passengers are about the ship, so the sea-sickness of yesterday is subsiding.


With Dk 2 still closed, I returned to Dk 8 & 9 again completing laps for a little over an hour. After breakfast, I headed to the Theatre for a couple of presentations/lectures. The first one, while well presented was almost a repeat of yesterday’s lecture by the resident Historian. The 2nd was a presentation by Roger McGuinn, co-founder and lead singer/guitarist for the Bryds.

Roger’s presentation was both interesting and informative, providing an insight into his life from teaching himself to play multiple instruments, through the various steps throughout his career, up to the formation of the Byrds. He provided numerous photos and film clips. We will both be attending his next presentation later in the cruise.

Following the Noon announcement we attended the daily trivia, joining the team we created yesterday. The questions were rather off the wall, for example:

  • which dwarf had no beard, and
  • which King on playing cards has no mustache.

We stayed with our first choice answers and scored a respectable 8/15. The winners had 10/15.

In the afternoon, we chilled in the cabin, then Judi went to Tai Chi. At 17:30 we had the Cruise Critic Meet & Greet, which was well attended by 60-70 passengers. Viking provided drinks and canapes and the event was attended by the Captain, Staff Captain, Purser, Chef and a couple of others from hotel services. Had a excellent opportunity to chat with a number of people, who we had chatted with online for the past 18 months.

For dinner we requested a return to Putu’s table, one of the ship’s excellent waiters, who comes from Bali. We were joined by a couple from Texas, enjoying some great conversation.











After dinner we headed up to the Theatre for the evening show from guest entertainer Paul Koudouris, a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Excellent show, with the highlight for us being “You’ll Never Walk Alone”, the Gerry & Pacemakers song that is Liverpool’s anthem. We had a compelling urge to stand up, raise our arms and swing them from side to side.

On completion of the show we met John & Helen from Ottawa. They joined us heading up to Explorers on Deck 7, so a couple of drinks and listening to the pianist. A very pleasant ending to another excellent day aboard Viking Sun.

Interesting Facts

Total passengers are about 830, with 53 completing the entire 245-day cruise and about 345 completing the 2nd half World Cruise. Here are some of the Nationalities represented:

  • USA – 666
  • Canada – 28
  • UK – 24
  • Sweden – 6
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Brazil

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

9 thoughts on “Day 3 – Monday 6th January, Cruising Pacific Ocean

  1. Glad to see you two back on the high seas. Great blog; love the weather info, commentary, photos Makes me feel I am there!
    Flurries or snow forecast for the Lower Mainland: be glad you’re not here.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Dad – yes, this ship and company is excellent. Almost like being in a time warp back to the standards of the great liners in the 1970’s. Will tell you all about it and show you the photos when we get to UK.

    Have you booked a cruise yet?


  3. The only dwarf without a beard is Dopey…how’d you not know that?? Lol!

    Glad you guys are having fun. Miss you both! Xoxo


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