Day 4 – Tuesday 7th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

View from fwd balcony Explorers Dk 7This is our 3rd of 8 sea days, cruising the North Pacific and once we cross the Equator on January 10th, the South Pacific Ocean. The ship is still rolling and pitching gently, but we have way more passengers around than on the first day. With our sea day routine firmly established, it is time to check out some other dinning venues and areas of the ship. Over the next few days, I plan to get more daily photographs. Enjoy.

Temperature:  22C/72F (Noon)

Wind/Weather:  Overcast skies

Sunrise/Sunset:  06:19/17:26

Clox:  1 hr ahead (Z-9)


We maintained our SW’ly course across the North Pacific, where the closest land is Hawaii at 1,358 miles (other than returning to L/A). Proceeding on 3 main engines, we are steaming at 123 RPM, making an average speed of 16.3 kts.


The confused sea with multiple swells continues, and the wind has veered slightly to about 1 point (22.5 degrees) to stbd of astern. Wind speed is about 20 kts, which provides a pleasant experience on the outer decks, with minimal wind over the decks. These conditions continue to provide a gentle rolling and pitching and since the ginger has disappeared, I suspect many will now agree with my interpretation of gentle rolling.

Viking World Wonders Cruise Map

Updated Itinerary Map


My day started as usual about 06:00, out walking the decks. Dk # 2 is now open, so I headed down to the Prom Deck. Yesterday, the Cruise Director made an announcement requesting everyone to proceed clockwise, so I assume the Prom Deck probably resembled roller derby, especially in the narrow sections. It was very pleasant, with everyone insync going clockwise. Tomorrow, I will head up to Deck 8/9, as I enjoy adding a few stairs each lap to my AM routine.

Headed for breakfast at the MDR, where we had a table for 2, but managed to have a great chat with the couple at the adjacent table. Judi headed down to the Library on Dk 1, while I skipped this morning’s lecture and attended an un-hosted photographers get together. We had 6 or 7 attend. I helped a lady with a new Canon Powershot figure out the menu and how to use her camera in Shutter/Aperture Mode. The group chatted for over an hour, so my next stop was the Theatre for Trivia.

Star Theatre

Our entire team turned up again today and with a total of 11/15, we were today’s winners. Our reward for winning was – “Absolutely Nothing”. No cheap shi…. prizes on Viking. No prizes are awarded, but each attendee receives a $1 card, which can be used for Viking branded merchandise in the gift shop.

After Trivia, we decided to break our routine and try the pool grill for lunch. Wow, this is amazing, Princess Cruises grills are ultra basic. Every meal is made to order and comes with amazing choice of burger toppings – egg, carmelised onions, pulled pork, chilli, multitude of cheeses, etc. In addition, they have a comprehensive salad bar. Again the crew are amazing, as no sooner were we sat down, than someone took drink orders.

In the afternoon, I attended the forum hosted by the Resident Historian – Wing Commander (Retd) William Simpson. This was a very interesting discussion about Vasco de Gama, with extensive audience participation.Wintergarden

We dined in the MDR, sharing a table with a couple from Florida. Wow! great people, brilliant meal, so we sat for over 2 hrs chatting. Dinner was spectacular with Prime Rib, Yorkshire Pud and Brussel Sprouts. OMG! it was a huge slice of beef, that was tender and cooked to perfection. Even the sprouts were perfect.

Departing the dinning room, we headed straight to the Theatre for the evening show – comedy magician Mell Mellers, who hails from London. Sitting in the 2nd row, we got a shock where the Cruise Director apologised, in advance, to those sitting in the front 2 rows. OMG!!! what have we done, its a magic show, not a whale show splash zone. Mell was brilliant, great sense of humour, brilliant tricks and extensive audience participation.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

12 thoughts on “Day 4 – Tuesday 7th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

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  2. And don’t forget the breakfast lamb chops in The Restaurant! On a sea day, when we know we are going to go to tea, we will try to have a late big breakfast and no lunch! Breakfast for me is stopping at the case on the way into The Restaurant for one of these delicious rolls, then lamb chops and two eggs over easy and maybe some potatoes (gosh I wish they would have the oniony ones from the World Cafe available in The Restaurant). That holds us until tea and then dinner is usually a salad in the World Cafe.

    Can you tell we enjoy Viking’s food?😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • HaHa!!! So far I have tried the salmon benny, eggs benny, full english & omelet. Had been thinking that this morning I’ll try the lamb chops. Lamb chops and a couple of over easy eggs sounds perfect. Just over an hour to breakfast.

      Tried the Lamb curry last night and it was brilliant. Not overly spicy, but tons of flavour.

      Gotta agree, the food is excellent.


    • Thanks Wendell – We just missed Hawaii by about 1,200 miles. We were hoping to spend next January in Kihei, but so far have been unable to make reservations from the ship.


  3. If you like tuna be sure to try the grilled tuna at the pool grill. We usually order, run inside, have a salad made at the salad bar, then back to the grill and have the tuna on top. Yum!

    Also, be sure and try the pistachio bun at the Living Room case.

    Enjoying enviously your comments here and on CC.


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