Day 5 – 8th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

Our 4th of 8 sea days and today we finally reached the mid-point between L/A and Nuku Hiva. Although I refer to relaxing sea days, with all the activities, 2 hr meals and writing the daily blog, we really don’t have much free time available. However, today or tomorrow I will get a few photos of the cabin and complete a comparison post of the cabins of this and our previous World Cruise.

We had another great day on board the Viking Sun, hope you keep on reading.

Temperature: 27C/80F, with high humidity

Wind/Weather: Overcast skies throughout the day, with a marked increase in humidity

Sunrise/Sunset:  06:23/17:26

Clox: No change (Z-9)


We have adjusted course a few degrees to Port and are now steering 192 G towards Nuku Hiva. By compass points, this is known as South by West. Having sailed 1,447 miles from L/A and with only 1417 miles to Nuku Hiva, we are officially past the mid-point. Yeh!!! We maintained an average speed of 16.2 kts. I anticipate crossing the Equator on Jan 10th, so we can watch the Pollywogs incur the wrath of King Neptune.

Viking World Wonders Cruise Map

Updated Itinerary Map


The confused seas were present for another day, but as we approach the doldrums, the wind has again veered to almost E’ly, at about 15 – 20 kts. Still provides a pleasant experience out on deck with minimal wind. The ship continued with the gentle pitching and rolling throughout the day.


My day started as usual, with 12 laps around Dk 8/9 and lots of stretching to loosen some tight muscles. After breakfast, Judi headed down to the Deck 1 atrium/library, where she dropped our passports with the Pursers, then found a seat to enjoy some tea and catch up on her journal.

I headed to the Theatre for a presentation by Dr Robyn Woodward, a Professor at our local Simon Fraser University. Dr Woodward discussed William Dampier, who circumnavigated the world 3-times. A well presented and informative lecture reviewing his varied career as both an Explorer commanding a British Man-of-War and then as a Buccaneer (semi-legal pirate).

Judi joined me in the Theatre as we attended the Q&A with the Captain, Ch/Engineer & Hotel Purser. Some great questions, especially the one requesting how Viking is able to consistently hire excellent crew. The Hotel Purser advised the hiring process entails 3-steps, with the initial interview focusing on “Attidude” They care very little about prior experience, as they can teach skills, but not attitude. The crew retention rate is about 96%. Wow, an amazing crew retention, as once hired, they are also looked after very well aboard, as similar to pax they receive free internet to remain in contact with family.

Unfortunately, at trivia today we were knocked off our mighty perch, as Trivia Champions, scoring only 8/15. The winners received 11/15.

Aquavit Terrace and Infinity Pool

Aquavit Terrace – we had lunch at one of the tables

Following yesterday’s lead, we again tried a different venue for lunch, sitting out on Aquavit Terrace at the aft end of Dk 7. We picked up some lunch at the World Cafe (Buffet) then headed out to the Terrace, to enjoy the fresh air and great sea views. Brilliant location, but we couldn’t find anyone interested in sharing a table, or even having some conversation.

Main pool from film screen

After a quick lunch, we headed to the main pool, finding lots of available loungers around the pool. We grabbed a couple of them, enjoying reading our Kindles. The pool roof was partially open, so again lots of fresh air. Judi then ventured into the pool, but I took a rain-check, since it is still a wee bit chilly.

For dinner, we requested sharing with our usual waiters, but waited about 20 mins before receiving table mates, who were our good friends from the hotel – Dave & Linda. Yet another fabulous dinner, with Judi enjoying a perfectly cooked Rib-Eye Steak and me the Lamb Curry. We were sitting chatting and sipping fine wine, when one of us checked their watch. OMG!!! it was 20:40, we had been in the restaurant for 2.5 hrs.

Star Theatre

Star Theatre

Heading up to the Theatre, we found 4-seats next to our neighbours from Sweden. Had a great chat before the ABBA show, featuring the ship’s resident band and vocalists. Really was a brilliant show, with the final song being Waterloo.

Explorers Dk 7 Bar

Explorers’ Lounge

After the show we all agreed to head to Explorers’ for a nightcap, or three. Enroute we picked up one of the couples from our Trivia Team and then in Explorers’ the twins and wives joined us. With about 3 tables and a dozen seats we sat in a large circle enjoying great conversation.

As another day closes, we bid you farewell, till tomorrow and hope for fair skies and following seas.

6 thoughts on “Day 5 – 8th January 2020, Cruising North Pacific Ocean

  1. Can’t even tell you how much I’m enjoying your blog!! Thanks for taking the time to publish it every day; traveling vicariously right along with you.


  2. Is there only one show time per night? How was the seating in the theater? I have read reviews where there is not enough seating for everyone? Glad to hear you enjoyed the show!


    • Hi Tamera,

      The number of shows varies by night. The guest entertainers have all had a single show at 21:15. The Theatre is reasonably full each night, but don’t believe pax have not been able to find a seat. For ABBA the did 2 shows at 18:30 & 21:15.

      Tonight we again have 2 shows, but the are different. At 18:30 one of the vocalists is doing a solo show and the the comedy magician ha a 2nd show at 21:15.


  3. Thanks again, Andy. Another great post. I read them as soon as I get the email. Looking forward to the stateroom comparisons. Regards, Mad


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